3 Tips To Increase Your Click-Through Rate and Skyrocket Your Sales With Pay Per Click

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

Most pay per click ads draw amazingly low click through rates (the number of people that click on your ad divided byrepparttar number of people that see your ad).

This not only hurts sales inrepparttar 136094 form of less clicks to your site, but on search engines like Google, it can even drop your ranking like a stone.

How can you improve your click-through rate?

Here are 3 tips to improve your click through rate and pre-sell your audience so that your web sales go throughrepparttar 136095 roof.

#1 Includerepparttar 136096 highest searched term (the most popular term) in your title and/or description.

For example, if you're bidding on a cluster of keywords surroundingrepparttar 136097 theme 'Cheap Web hosting', try to includerepparttar 136098 term 'cheap web hosting' in both your title AND your description. This will dramatically increase your click-through ratio (and thereby also increase sales).

While this is a fairly well known fact, many ppc marketers donít do it. But think about it from your searchersí point of view. There is an OVERLOAD of information out there. People are extremely uncomfortable with information overload. It sets up a form of cognitive dissonance or Ďsearcher discomfortí.

Searchers remove this discomfort by finding a website that matches what they're searching for. When they see that your title and description has matched their search term, they think, 'This website has exactly what I'm looking for' and they eagerly click on your ad.

#2 Use emotionally charged words.

While many website builders are brilliant at creating websites - let's face it, theyíre not so hot at selling.

Selling is an emotional, creative process. People buy with their emotions and then justify it with reason. If you want to sell to them, you have to access their emotions (access your right-brain and use your feelings to empathize with their desires).

Building a website and promoting an online business is a very organizational, logical process. It requires mostly left-brained abilities. So you can see how some people can build a beautiful website - but find it nearly impossible to sell from that website

6 Reasons Why Using Flash is a BIG Mistake

Written by Leah West

Most web designers and web design companies will try to convince you that if you want your business to haverepparttar best site possible that you MUST have a flash site. Flash, for those of you who are newbies, is a software program that can create really cool special effects and animations. You can either have flash elements embedded in your website or you can have your entire website done in flash.

Now I will berepparttar 136010 first to tell you that Flash can make a site look pretty cool, but if you are actually trying to make some money from your online business that using flash is a BIG no-no. Hereís why.

1.Too Much Time It takes way too much time to download an all flash website. Even though broadband and DSL users are growing there are still too many people that are still on dial up to rely on using an all flash site.

Your potential customers will get ticked off at waiting an hour to download your beautiful website and will leave to go torepparttar 136011 next one.

A lot of times, designers will say that they can fixrepparttar 136012 download problem by making smaller portions or chunks ofrepparttar 136013 main site. So instead of having to wait for just one huge file, you now have to wait for a huge file every time you click on a button to go to another part ofrepparttar 136014 site.

It does not fixrepparttar 136015 problem at all. Your customers are still gonna get ticked after they click on your product button and then realize they have to wait another 8 minutes to download that page too.

2.Annoying Intro I see a lot of websites that have these flash designed intros. The concept is to have a really cool looking intro torepparttar 136016 company or product before launchingrepparttar 136017 main website.

First of all, I have seen some really pathetic attempts at flash intros. If you canít design a good one you should definitely not try at all.

Second, most people search forrepparttar 136018 skip intro button and just click past it anyway. Or if you donít have a skip intro button, they just leave your website all together because they donít want to watch your useless and annoying intro.

I know that they can be cool, that everyone seems to have one, but unless your website is already bringing in some big time money, then donít risk losing customers by using a flash intro.

3.Not much Content It seems to be a common problem that a lot of sites that rely on a completely flash design are lacking inrepparttar 136019 content department. They seem to think that by having lots of cool, flashy elements and designs that their visitors will not notice they are lacking in anything substantial to offer.

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