3 Tips For Writing Content That Will Make You Sales

Written by Michael Cheney, magnet4web.com (c)

Content is king. Without content your website is an empty shell, a skeleton with no flesh, an empty vessel. Content can redeemrepparttar worst designed website. The right content can make your phone ring offrepparttar 108113 hook and flood your inbox with people wanting your product or service. Content isrepparttar 108114 most important ingredient inrepparttar 108115 recipe for your website's success. If you have engrossing, valuable and relevant content you are onto a winner..

Tip 1 - Keep It Customer-Focused - What You Like Is Irrelevant

I land onrepparttar 108116 homepage. I want to buy a bathroom from this company. I want to know what bathrooms they have available. I want to know how much it will cost, when they can deliver, if they have any special offers and what their previous customers have said about them. Instead, upon landing onrepparttar 108117 homepage I getrepparttar 108118 following all-time classic;

"Welcome to ABC Bathrooms. Our company was formed in 1985. Our Managing Director John set uprepparttar 108119 company atrepparttar 108120 age of 25 after spending thirty years inrepparttar 108121 position of.."

Who cares?! I want to know exactly what you sell and how much it will cost me. I have 10 spare minutes today to find this information out and if I don't see it on your site in a few seconds I will click off to your competitors so don't bore me withrepparttar 108122 life story of your managing director. I do not care. Give me content that I like - not what you THINK I would like. Key difference.

Tip 2 - Sell Benefits, Not Features

Potential customers do not want to know how your product was built, how oldrepparttar 108123 production manager is or what colourrepparttar 108124 wallpaper is inrepparttar 108125 production plant - they want to know how buying it will enrich their lives. They want to see evidence forrepparttar 108126 benefits of owning your product or using your service. People don't buy things - they buy benefits and they buy feelings. People buying a Ferrari are not buying a mode of transport they are buying prestige, luxury, envy, success - they are buying a symbol, a way of life.

Using Emotion for Persuasion

Written by Robert F. Abbott

Using Emotion for Persuasion

By: Robert F. Abbott

The other day, I receivedrepparttar last issue of a business magazine before my subscription runs out. Now, I like this magazine, but I'm swamped with reading matter so I won't renew.

Of course, I've received many reminders and offers about renewing; magazines try very hard to keeprepparttar 108112 subscribers they've got. So whenrepparttar 108113 last issue came with a special promotional wrapper onrepparttar 108114 cover, I wasn't surprised.

But, what made this one interesting was a clever piece of copy that hit an emotional chord: insiderepparttar 108115 back cover ofrepparttar 108116 special wrapper wererepparttar 108117 words, "You're about to be dropped from our list of active subscribers. Unless you act now."

Personally, I thought it was an effective piece of copy (even though I still won't renew). It made an emotional case for what is essentially a business-to-business offer.

Many people who write persuasive copy, whether in sales letters or internal memos, sayrepparttar 108118 rest of us underestimaterepparttar 108119 power of emotion in gettingrepparttar 108120 response we want from our messages.

There's a sort of rule of thumb that goes like this: Consumers buy on emotion and justify on reason. In other words, we, as buyers, think we're being rational in making a decision to purchase, or in choosing among different offers, but in reality we makerepparttar 108121 decision with our hearts and then justify that decision with our reasoning powers.

Inrepparttar 108122 case ofrepparttar 108123 magazine copy, I was about to be dropped -- Imagine! Me being dropped! -- fromrepparttar 108124 list of active subscribers. I'm not sure what active subscribers are: do they also have passive subscribers? But,repparttar 108125 meaning comes through. I'm about to get dropped from an exclusive club unless I act now.

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