3 Tips For Giving A Great Gift

Written by Rena D. Robertson

I know that trying to find justrepparttar right gift for somebody can be like going torepparttar 113171 dentist at times. Ok, maybe that's a little bit dramatic. But when people ask me about what they should get someone for whateverrepparttar 113172 occasion, they are somtimes in a panic. This is what I tell them.

1. Be Original

If you can imagine, you can be "original" . It really isn't that hard.

You know how teachers are always getting those stereotypical apple and school related gifts? (You people know who you are.) Ok, enough. Teachers have feelings too. No, really. (I'm not a teacher but I have friends and family who are and this is what they tell me.) This is a prime example of "un-originality". (Can you imagine getting 24 primarily identical gifts at Christmas time?) What's a teacher to do?

Want to win some brownie points? Get he or she something that they can use and enjoy.

Let me help to stir those creative juices.

a.Gift cards or certificates for - Pedicure, Manicure, Movie Theater, Ice Cream Shop, Movie Rental Store, Book Store, Gourmet Foods, Golf Course, Restaurant....

b. A great throw blanket

c. Tickets to a game

d. Awesome gourmet chocolate and foods

Are you starting to getrepparttar 113173 picture?

2. Homemade Is Good

When I say homemade, people usually think of food. But homemade can also relate to sewing, knitting, building, painting, crafting or whatever it is you make with your own two hands. I love to get stuff from people who put their time into a gift. If you have a talent for baking, cooking or making things, you really ought to give of yourself in that way to others. If you don't feel that you can make anything yourself, find someone who can. It's just as good.

OakCakes Recipe

Written by Debbie

Yield: 1 Serving 1 pt Mixed milk and water 1 oz Yeast 6 oz Fine oatmeal 3 oz Plain flour 1 ts Salt (or slightly less) Mixrepparttar flour salt and oatmeal. Warmrepparttar 113170 liquid and stir in gradually to make a smooth batter. Crumble inrepparttar 113171 yeast stir gently and leave to stand in a warm place for 20 mins. Stir again and cook in a stong well greased frying pan. Pour in enough batter to coverrepparttar 113172 base fairly thinly and trun out when cooked. Remarks: This recipe is heavily adapted but

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