3 Things Every Yellow Pages Advertiser Must Know

Written by Alan Saltz

Most business owners know that Yellow Pages advertising has an incredible amount of potential... but they don’t know how to take full advantage of it.

Fortunately, it's a mystery that's solved pretty easily once an advertiser knows where to turn for advice. There are fundamental truths about Yellow Pages advertising that so many businesses fail to recognize… but once they do, they find themselves "on top of" a medium with an incredible amount of business generating power.

It's a medium, that handled correctly, will generate new business month after month like clockwork.

That said... let's try to understand it a bit better, shall we?

1. Common Yellow Pages advertising mistakes are simple to fix.

Very simple.

You don't have to be a graphic designer or marketing expert to drastically improve your ad either - you just need to know your customers.

You see, most Yellow Page ads makerepparttar very same mistakes... year after year... directory after directory... category after category.

Some ofrepparttar 145826 ads I see from professional design firms are riddled withrepparttar 145827 same mistakes too...repparttar 145828 ad only looks nicer.

That won't cut it inrepparttar 145829 Yellow Pages.

While a professionally designed ad can certainly help grab attention, there is no substitute for ad content (read: words) if your goal is to generate a phone call. When it comes to Yellow Pages advertising, that's all that really matters. (The Yellow Pages should have nothing to do with building your “image”.)

By learning what makes a good headline, good body copy, and how to develop a strong offer, your Yellow Pages ad will run circles around an ad that just "looks great," but makesrepparttar 145830 same mistakes most others are making.

An example? Using your name and logo asrepparttar 145831 headline. It's disastrous and yet more advertisers do it than not. No one cares what you call yourself until they've decided to pick uprepparttar 145832 phone and actually call you.

Think about it…

Someone turns torepparttar 145833 Yellow Pages because they don’t have an optometrist in mind. They don’t know who to call. Rather, they’re looking to see what options are available, and what one company offers over another.

Your company name will never be a factor.

So if your name and logo is atrepparttar 145834 top of your ad... it it's big and bold and takes up space... if it takesrepparttar 145835 place of an attention grabbing, hard-hitting headline... you're wasting your ad’s most valuable “real estate.” Of course, like most common mistakes, it's a pretty easy to fix.

You just need to know what makes a good headline. A good headline is something that’s impossible to miss, and engaging enough to drawrepparttar 145836 reader intorepparttar 145837 rest ofrepparttar 145838 ad.

Continuing withrepparttar 145839 optometrist example, look in your local Yellow Pages to see what headlines (if any) your competitors have chosen and imagine having one ofrepparttar 145840 following atrepparttar 145841 top of your ad.

7 Affiliate Success Steps

Written by Sara Bonnet

How to get your business exposed for free!

Everybody inrepparttar Internet marketing industry intends to do well, butrepparttar 145659 truth is that only about 10% of marketers actually succeed. So today you will learn aboutrepparttar 145660 tips that will point you inrepparttar 145661 right direction to make you big profits.

I am not going to guarantee that you will make those profits, I don’t know if you will even follow these steps properly. What I do know is that these same methods are used byrepparttar 145662 guru’s of internet marketing. Here arerepparttar 145663 methods that will get you exposed:

1. Niche. Not only do you need to have an attractive uncluttered site, but it should be a site of only 1 common niche. For example if you decide to promote a home business opportunity, thenrepparttar 145664 website that your customer is directed to should be a page of only home business opportunities, information and offers of that subject.

2. Contact. If you have a list, Contact It! If you let your list sit there, your leads will disappear and you won’t sell a thing. People need to be reassured that there is a real live person out there that will help them. When your leads ask questions, answer them torepparttar 145665 best of your ability and be honest.

3. Write. Write an article about something you have knowledge of. It doesn’t have to be about your website. If you want more information about your subject, userepparttar 145666 internet to get information. After all that is whatrepparttar 145667 world wide web is all about. Your article should be about 1000 words (or so) long. For more tips enter “article writing in your search engine and there you have it.

4. Submit. To submit your article all you have to do is enter article submission into your search engine and submit your article copy to as many publishers as you possibly can. Make sure that you include a byline or authors box atrepparttar 145668 end of your article. It will generally be a sentence or very short paragraph about your business, including a link torepparttar 145669 website. (noterepparttar 145670 authors box atrepparttar 145671 end of this article). This is totally free advertising that gets you intorepparttar 145672 search engines.

5. Linking. Another excellent and free method is adding your link to other peoples sites. All you have to do is enterrepparttar 145673 subject of your business intorepparttar 145674 search engine ie. “work at home” or “internet marketing”. The search engine will listrepparttar 145675 relevant items and all you have to do is find a link in each website that says submit your link and followrepparttar 145676 directions. Some sites will require you to trade links with them, all you have to do is copy and paste their link to your webpage. If you can’t do that yet, that’s okay there are still plenty that don’t ask this of you. Spend an entire day doing this, your efforts will pay off.

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