3 Secrets to "Striking it Rich" in Cyberspace

Written by Jim Edwards

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Inrepparttar few seconds it takes you to read this another domain name gets registered at www.NetworkSolutions.com,repparttar 145985 Internet's oldest and largest domain name registrar.

Everyone from industrial giants to corner flower shops currently wants to stake a profitable claim in cyberspace.

The lure of low startup costs compared to brick-and-mortar operations andrepparttar 145986 promise of high rewards draws an ever- swelling crowd of merchants torepparttar 145987 online marketplace.

Yet despiterepparttar 145988 optimism statistics tell us that 80% of these "e" businesses will fail within their first 12 months of operation.

People from all overrepparttar 145989 country ask me what it takes to succeed inrepparttar 145990 e-commerce world once they've completedrepparttar 145991 basic steps for getting online.

The following three keys virtually *guarantee success* for any online enterprise.

The First Key:

A Quality product or service with highly evident and readily understood benefits for consumers.

If your product or service does not representrepparttar 145992 highest quality and value possible, and if consumers don't understand exactly why they should buy from you,repparttar 145993 speed ofrepparttar 145994 Internet will just expose your shortcomings torepparttar 145995 marketplace that much quicker.

Inrepparttar 145996 offline world a product's benefits, notrepparttar 145997 features, cause consumers to make buying decisions.

A man doesn't buy a car with a 5 liter engine because ofrepparttar 145998 horsepower, he buys it forrepparttar 145999 feeling of supremacy and control he thinks it will give him.

Kids don't want a 1000mHz computer for computing power in doing homework, they want to playrepparttar 146000 latest games.

The Internet magnifies this "what's in it for me" benefits- driven evaluation by consumers.

Marketplace and Product Delivery System

Written by Michael A. Cordova

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