3 Secret Selling Blueprints!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Allow your prospects imagine you both have a strong bond. A powerful way to bond with your prospects is to tell them a secret in your ad copy. Tell themrepparttar only people who are learningrepparttar 127248 secret arerepparttar 127249 people who readrepparttar 127250 ad. This will make them feel like they're included in a special group of people. When you tell people a secret, it makes them feel important and creates a strong bond. It will also create trust and rapport. Example: Please don't let anyone know I'm releasing this top secret information to you...

2. Have your prospects to imagine that you believe in them. People want other people to believe in them. You should write your ad copy in a way that shows you believe in your prospects to solve their own problems. Example: I know you haverepparttar 127251 courage to change your life using our product.

Reverse Affirmations: How Self Motivation Sells!

Written by Larry Dotson

A reverse affirmation is a positive statement that you tell your readers to tell themselves. You would write it in present tense like they've already solved their problem or completed their goal.

For example:

Now, tell yourself "I am a wealthy business owner."

Say to yourself "I learn very quickly."

The reverse affirmations should berepparttar benefit your product will accomplish. For example, if you are selling an ebook on how to catch more fish.

The reverse affirmation could be:

Now, tell yourself "I am catching a lot of fish."

You can implantrepparttar 127247 affirmation in your prospects mind by suggesting they say it to themselves over and over as they read your ad copy.

For example:

As you keep reading this ad, repeatedly say to your- self "I am catching a lot of fish", "I am catching a lot of fish."

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