Written by Larry Dotson


Don't load your web site with too much high-tech clutter. Your visitors may miss your sales message. Sometimes flashing and blinking graphics can make you page load slow and annoy your prospects.

Also, test to make sure your web site looks good in all web browsers. Don't use fifty different content formats like fonts, texts sizes, text colors, etc. They could vary between browsers.


Don't use unnecessary words or phrases on your site. You only have so much time to get your visitors attention and interest; make every word count. Don't use words your visitors might not understand.

Highlight your main selling words and phrases. You could use different colors, bolding, italics, etc. Use words that create emotion. People will have more interest when they are emotionally attached.

Creating Sites That Work For You

Written by James T Kendall

Let me preface this article by saying that I am not an Internet millionaire, but I have learned enough aboutrepparttar Internet to make a living doing what I like to do, that is creating and running successful web sites. There are a few principles that all successful web sites have in common.

An Effective Interface

There are whole books written on this subject so I won't even attempt to cover everything in this short article. Suffice to say every successful web site has an integrated design approach that works.

Integrated, in that all ofrepparttar 132053 graphics, text, etc. look like they belong together, that they work together to create a whole. That being said,repparttar 132054 most important aspect of web design may very well be speed. Pull up Yahoo in you browser, how fast did it load? By some estimates you only have 30 seconds to grab your visitors interest. Load time -repparttar 132055 speed that a site is displayed in a browser is critical. The most successful sites combine graphics optimized forrepparttar 132056 web with text and ( more and more often ) nested tables with background colors to create pleasing interfaces that load quickly.

Back-End Driven Content

All successful web sites have content - articles, free services, inventory for sale, etc. Most of this content is managed by some sort of database/CGI type program. These days there are many alternative ways to implement online programs such asrepparttar 132057 classic CGI/Perl solutions to ASP, PHP, and C; and data base solutions as diverse as MySQL to Oracle. My advice is to chooserepparttar 132058 simplest solution available for you project, however you should make sure that it will be able to scale to accommodate your site's anticipated success. Further, make sure that there is not a ready made, free version solution to your programming problem before you hire a programmer or buy a commercial version. There are many excellent resources that list hundreds of quality, free scripts available for download.

One note aboutrepparttar 132059 content itself, it needs to not only be of high quality ( there is a lot of competition out there! ) but it needs to be constantly updated. If not daily, weekly updates are a must so that repeat visitors feel as if there is a reason to return. Repeat visitors are a very big key to continual growth. This makes a very good argument to use a programmable solution to manage your content, asrepparttar 132060 scripts allow you to update content more effectively than you can manually.

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