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Join a web ring. A web ring is a group of web sites on a similar subject agreeing to link together. To find a web ring to join type keywords "web rings" into your search engine of choice.

You could create your own web ring. You will gain highly targeted traffic to your web site and others will link to your site because they'll want to joinrepparttar web ring.


Register to win a web site award. They will usually give you an award graphic link to include on your site if you win. Awards are great to display because they will give you extra credibility and traffic.

Create your own awards site for other web sites. Giverepparttar 125210 winners a graphic or text link to place on their web site when they win. This will link your web site to theirs and draw more traffic to your site.

Drive Traffic To Your Site Without Breaking The Bank

Written by Jon Keel

Driving traffic to your web site at a reasonable cost is one ofrepparttar biggest challenges you'll face. It makes no difference how good a site you have; no visitors, no business. But, if you pay too much for your visitors you will either lose money or not generate enough profit.

This article outlines a relatively inexpensive method of quickly driving targeted visitors to your web site. Atrepparttar 125209 same time, understand thatrepparttar 125210 methods we'll discuss are only one step of a multi-step process to accomplish your goal of getting qualified visitors to your site at a cost at or below your Visitor Target Acquisition Cost (VTAC).

This step, however, is generallyrepparttar 125211 first step you will want to take.

Why is that?

If you do it correctly, you can generate targeted traffic to your web site in less than a week. Thatís right, in less than seven days. Plus, you can quickly determinerepparttar 125212 metrics of your web site, which as a business owner you absolutely have to know.

Your Visitor Target Acquisition Cost

Let's first discuss your Visitor Target Acquisition Cost, or VTAC. Your VTAC is unique to your web site. Itís a function of how well your web site converts visitors to customers (presuming you're attempting to sell something from your site). Hereís a simple example:

Letís say youíre selling an item that has a selling price of $100 and a gross profit of $50. Plus, letís say it takes 100 visitors to your site to generate one sale. Your Value Per Visitor (VPV) is then $.50 ($50 gross profit/100 visitors).

The VTAC isrepparttar 125213 percentage of your VPV that you will spend to get that visitor multiplied byrepparttar 125214 VPV. Ranges of 25% to 100% are common; youíll have to deciderepparttar 125215 percentage for your individual business.

In this example, assume youíll spend 50% of your VPV; then, your VTAC will be $.25 (50% x $.50). This will berepparttar 125216 maximum youíll spend to get one visitor to your site.

If youíre just beginning and you donít know your VPV or VTAC, youíll have to make some assumptions, quickly test your assumptions, and make any necessary adjustments.

The Background of Quickly Driving Traffic to Your Site

The technique you use to quickly drive traffic starts with pay- per-click search engines. PPC search engines are a tool in which you as an advertiser (web site owner) bid on your search engine ranking for specific keywords.

When your keywords are typed inrepparttar 125217 search engine byrepparttar 125218 visitor, your results are shown ranked according to how much you bid onrepparttar 125219 various keywords. The highest bid for a keyword is ranked first, and so on.

Youíll only pay when a visitor actually clicks through to your web site. In other words, you only pay for performance.

As an advertiser, you gain several advantages: * You only bid onrepparttar 125220 keywords you believe visitors will use to find you ≠ targeted keywords. * You decide how much you bid based on your VTAC ≠ youíll never pay more for visitors than you know you should.

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