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There are two tactics that you have probably heard a lot of these days: AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and OPT-IN EMAIL. No doubt these are two POWERFUL tools of generating online income and sales. There is a catch though... they only work if you are ALREADY gettingrepparttar necessary traffic to your web site.

So, like all other new e-business owners, you must be stressing over ways to get, not JUST traffic to your website, but TARGETTED TRAFFIC! Really, it is simpler and cheaper than you think! The key is to FOCUS your efforts. Don't try and do everything at once. Take one step at a time. This way you will get BETTER results.

METHOD 1: Advertise in Newsletters and E-Zines

Carefully choose which newsletters and e-zines you wish to purchase your ad space with. Choose ones that have subscribers that match or almost match your target market. They must be people who could potentially be your customers. Choose ones with a medium to large subscriber-base. This way you will get you investments worth. Take note of where your ad will be placed. It could be atrepparttar 119390 top, middle, bottom...anywhere inrepparttar 119391 newsletter. The best spots are atrepparttar 119392 top ofrepparttar 119393 newsletter and on a page where readers are most likely to spend most of their time at. Also take note of other ads that might be surrounding yours. You don't want to place your ad next to a competitor's. This will lessen your chances of potential clicks. The size of your ad also influencesrepparttar 119394 location of your ad.

METHOD 2: Use Keywords and a Crawler Page to Secure that Top Spot in Search Engines

Your target market will NEVER find your web site if you have been usingrepparttar 119395 WRONG keywords! Search engines look for them in your Title Tags, Meta Tags, andrepparttar 119396 body of your text when ranking and categorising your web site.

When choosing keywords, be sure not to choose words that are highly competitive like business, books, software. These are too generic and will make it super difficult for you to secure that top spot! In order to find TARGETED keywords that are suitable for YOUR web site, sit down and have a good and long think of what someone looking for your site might type intorepparttar 119397 search engines. Remember, no one knows your business more than YOU! Ask around; ask your family and friends what THEY might type when looking for your product or service. Be SPECIFIC yet GENERAL. For example if your site offers services to help businesses go online, you might use repparttar 119398 following keywords: online business, online businesses, start online business, online business help, online business services etc. Use as many variations of your keywords as possible and include your company name and region if applicable. Also, study what keywords your competitors are using on their web sites.

Most search engines like Alta Vista and Yahoo ask that you submit just one URL and that they will follow allrepparttar 119399 links and findrepparttar 119400 rest ofrepparttar 119401 pages in your web site. You can make it easier for them by creating a page called a CRAWLER PAGE with links to all ofrepparttar 119402 most important parts of your site and submit that instead. Thus, ensuring thatrepparttar 119403 right pages will be noticed.

Link Popularity Basics

Written by JC Anderl

Link popularity has recently become an important aspect to consider when promoting a website. Many search engines have started to use link popularity to help determine ranking in their listings. Gaining links from other sites is also very beneficial because you gain added traffic when users followrepparttar link from another site to your site.

What Is Link Popularity? Link popularity is basicallyrepparttar 119389 number and quality of links that point towards your site. A link from a very important site is worth more than a link from a smaller site. The search engine companies think that an important site would only link to your site if your site was important, and it makes sense too. Try gettingrepparttar 119390 main page of Yahoo! to link to you and you'll fail, but if you did get a link, then your site must be worth something. You couldn't even get a link to your site from a medium size site unless your site was important enough and had something to offer. Both of which are important aspects in determining relevancy - a search engines main goal.  

The number of links is also important forrepparttar 119391 same reason. Your site must be important if many sites link to you. Search engines know these things, and that isrepparttar 119392 basis for link popularity.

Linking Strategy Rules

The most basic way of gather and exchanging links is to simply visit websites and emailrepparttar 119393 webmaster asking for a link exchange. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

1. Related, Not Competitive - You should try to focus your linking strategy on sites related to yours, but not in direct competition. For example, a search engine submission company site wouldn't want to link with a competitor. They would be better off linking with a website that teaches various ways of promotion. The object is not to lose business to competitors, but to gain business from similar sites.

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