3 Rules of Website Designing and Layout

Written by Purva Mewar

Now that you have got your domain name registered, your next worry is about designing a website or getting it designed, depending on your budget and knowledge.

To helprepparttar newbie's start it right - Design your website before getting repparttar 141281 domain name registered. Why park an empty domain onrepparttar 141282 web just like that? Why waste even a single day after registration? right? So a better idea is to keep your "small but complete" site ready. As soon as domain name registration notification arrives, uploadrepparttar 141283 pages. You can keep adding value forever.

"Small but complete" is what is being explained thru' this article. Keep 3 things in mind. Simplicity, appropriate content & Easy navigation. Try striking a perfect balance between them and you are bound to succeed.

Simplicity: Keep everything about your website simple. Flow of content, language, layout and terminology. Consideringrepparttar 141284 potential of your visitor (who might be your future client/buyer/affiliate) and his technical ignorance, you will do yourself a great deal of good sticking to simplicity. However stylized or hi fi your site is, if it can't holdrepparttar 141285 traffic or visitor's attention- its pointless

Appropriate content: Content isrepparttar 141286 king. No augments. Always look at

Why Use a Web Design Template?

Written by Julia Jackson

Why Use a Web Design Template?

By Julia Jackson

What is a Website Template?

Many smart and savvy businesses are choosing to use a website template, and avoiding employing a professional designer. Why? Well, there are clear benefits: saving on cost, saving on time, and ensuring quality.

Web templates closerepparttar gap betweenrepparttar 141219 amateur website owner learning to create his/her own website, and a one-off custom design.

What is a website template? A web template is a ready-made design for your website, including images, some navigation, preferably several sample pages and in some cases Flash animation. However, it has no content related to you or your business – that must come from you! Remember that a web template must be customized / modified (to whatever degree you are comfortable with) to turn it into your very own website.

What about hiring a website designer, or using a quick-and-easy tool to build your own website?

The answer to this question is easy – your, and your business’, professional image. There is no other way to say this - if you do not have appropriate web / Internet design experience, don’t put together a quick and dirty website and expect it to be a professional portrayal of you / your business!

So then do you have to spend a lot of money having a website custom designed for you? Well, you could. But you no longer need to!

A low-cost, but professional design

While selecting a ready-made web design template, you will probably browse through a collection of different website designs until you find one (or a few) that you like.

Expect to be able to at least see a screen capture of what your web page will look like, and hopefully a “see-in-action”– which lets you see exactly what you will be getting.

Choose your template carefully, and you will have a professional design, executed by a qualified designer with all due attention to accessibility, standards compliance, browser quirks and a lot of other things that you would not want to have to learn about from scratch, yourself! All for a fraction ofrepparttar 141220 cost of hiring a custom website designer or design firm.

Avoidrepparttar 141221 common mistakes made when choosing a website template

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