3 Reasons to Work From Home

Written by Benjamin Scott

Copyright 2005 Benjamin Scott

People who trudge to work every day probably do not need many reasons to quit their job. Many people who hate what they do on a daily basis would likely give it all up in a minute if they thought they could. Why, then, do they continue to runrepparttar same hamster wheel of unhappiness in a dead end job? Most people do not realize there is an alternative. There are three really good reasons why anyone could work from home. Most people just need to makerepparttar 148743 biggest decision of their life.

The first reason to work form home is there is ample opportunity to provide for a family by working from home. The Internet revolution has created a new marketplace, ripe for new businesses looking to launch. This revolution has started a trend, and many people have found it easy to riderepparttar 148744 coattails ofrepparttar 148745 trend to financial success and freedom. The Internet has created a global market. You do not have to sell to your neighbors alone, you could also sell to people in different countries. This global marketplace means increased exposure and opportunity for sales and business.

The second reason to work from home isrepparttar 148746 relief from monotony. When you work from home, you make your own schedule. You set your own rules. You createrepparttar 148747 goals and quota. You can do something different everyday if doing something different brings you greater job satisfaction. You fill every role in your own company, and wear many different hats. Such responsibility could be scary, but it could be exhilarating and exciting. For people who need to be challenged, for people who need to grow,repparttar 148748 chance to work from home also meansrepparttar 148749 chance to try new things allrepparttar 148750 time.

VoIP Service Provider A vs. VoIP Service Provider B

Written by Gobala Krishnan

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

While doing research onrepparttar Internet, I realized that most people are absolutely confused when it comes to selecting a VoIP or broadband phone service provider. I can't say I blame them either, when you consider that there are now thousands of companies out there with as many different service plans.

What I often come across though, isrepparttar 148742 question "Is company A better than company B?". To be honest I have no idea how to answer that question. All I can offer is a simple guideline that can help you discoverrepparttar 148743 answer for yourself. Here it is.

1) Where isrepparttar 148744 company located?

Doesrepparttar 148745 location ofrepparttar 148746 company matter? Perhaps not, ifrepparttar 148747 service provider is located inrepparttar 148748 same country as you are. However, if you have been offered VoIP or broadband phone services offered by foreign companies, it probably WILL matter.

The danger in subscribing to companies that don't have a presence in your country, legalities aside, isrepparttar 148749 quality ofrepparttar 148750 service. Imagine making a call from Malaysia to your friend in Singapore. Now imagine your call being routed allrepparttar 148751 way torepparttar 148752 US or Australia before it is routed back to Singapore to completerepparttar 148753 call. Physically, this takes less than a second, butrepparttar 148754 consequences are sometimes obvious.

More often than not, you get a delay in your call. If you understand communication, you'll understand than even a one second delay before hearing a YES or OK can make allrepparttar 148755 difference in your sales talk or discussion. The solution?

Make sure your VoIP service provider has at least a few gateways located in your region, and most importantly, your country. This would reducerepparttar 148756 distancerepparttar 148757 call is carried and usually result in better call quality.

2) Arerepparttar 148758 call plans unique?

All VoIP service providers out there suffer fromrepparttar 148759 same symptom -repparttar 148760 need to differentiate themselves. That'srepparttar 148761 reason why you get 100 different plans from 10 different companies. Understand, though, that they are all basicallyrepparttar 148762 same thing.

So if water is water, how do you choose when you flip openrepparttar 148763 refrigerator door in that 7-11 store? Is itrepparttar 148764 color ofrepparttar 148765 bottle orrepparttar 148766 price?

The same question can be asked when choosing a VoIP plan. Choose what appeals to you, but don't get carried away by allrepparttar 148767 "Unlimited calls" talk. Understand that any VoIP provider worth their salt can offer you unlimited calls from one ATA (analog telephone adapter) to another ATA that they own, for free. However, consider this - how many people you know are using an ATA fromrepparttar 148768 same company you are?

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