3 Reasons Why CRM Strategies Fail

Written by Matt Hogansworth

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one ofrepparttar most effective tools for improving customer relationships and therefore increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Unfortunately, some CRM strategies fail. This leaves CRM vendors and their customers baffled, but there a few common reasons why a CRM strategy will fail.

1. Too much focus onrepparttar 147547 CRM vendor and technology. Some companies get too caught up in havingrepparttar 147548 best possible CRM strategy out there. Some companies want entire call-centers, On-Demand CRM, Web-based, and Blackberry devices which allow their IT people to enter customer information wirelessly. While these technologies are extremely helpful, too much emphasis on them can lead any company astray. It is naturally very important to selectrepparttar 147549 best CRM vendor for your company, but best does not always mean flashiest.

2. Not enough focus onrepparttar 147550 customer. Companies can focus too much on technology and strategy, and not enough on what is atrepparttar 147551 core of CRM:repparttar 147552 customer. The first letter in CRM stands for “Customer” and sorepparttar 147553 customer should be first when thinking about any CRM strategy. A call-center can be wonderful if it is customer friendly. However, some call centers are too complicated and alienaterepparttar 147554 customer fromrepparttar 147555 company. Alienation isrepparttar 147556 exact opposite of what companies want to achieve when implementing CRM. The real ROI of CRM is found in customer retention andrepparttar 147557 acquisition of new customers. In order to have success with CRM, a company must work towards building a strong relationship with its customers. CRM isrepparttar 147558 path through whichrepparttar 147559 customer andrepparttar 147560 company can understand each other. Focusing on technologies and ignoringrepparttar 147561 basics of customer service will cause evenrepparttar 147562 most technologically advanced CRM strategy to go wrong.

3. Rushing into CRM adaptation. Sometimes, company presidents getrepparttar 147563 idea of CRM into their head and decide that their entire company must

ACTION is More Important than Knowledge!

Written by ezines@senn-sational.com

It was Albert Einstein who stated that 'imagination is more important than knowledge'. Now if he had been addressing a room full of entrepreneurs, I hazard a guess that he might also have extended this quotation by saying that 'action is more important than knowledge too!'

Make no mistake, if you want to make your mark on this world as an entrepreneur you have to consistently take ACTION! Not only that, you will also need to haverepparttar ability to inspire other people into ACTION as well.

Learn by taking ACTION!

In our modern society we gravely underestimaterepparttar 147505 value and importance of experiential learning. We have become conditioned to mistake qualifications for competence.

As an entrepreneur, most of your learning will come from experience generated through taking ACTION. There is no text book, no seminar and no guru that can replacerepparttar 147506 value of you having an idea and taking ACTION on it.

Don't let a lack of knowledge stop you from taking ACTION!

Often what holds us back from even trying is our perceived lack of knowledge. Word's torepparttar 147507 effect of 'I can't set up a business because I didn't finished high school' or 'I can't start a business until I've got my MBA'.

If you have spent any time at all studying entrepreneurs you will find a lot of them don't actually have university degrees. Often it is this simple fact that motivates them into pursuingrepparttar 147508 entrepreneurial path!

Continually Self Correct!

When you takerepparttar 147509 experiential approach to learning and developing your business, you need to be highly attuned torepparttar 147510 feedback you receive from your operating environment. Be highly sensitive to feedback from your customers and clients. Establish mechanisms to monitorrepparttar 147511 results that you are achieving. Once these are in place, continually put pressure on yourself and your organisation to continually lift your standards of performance.

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