3 Positive Steps for Destroying Fear, Building Confidence & Big Profits!

Written by Doug West

Many would-be entrepreneurs never get ahead with their biz plans or ideas because ofrepparttar big Fear Factor! They'd really like to make some project click, but too many negative thoughts and ideas hold them back. They worry about failure, legal problems, family opposition, rejection and a myriad of other possibilities. Here we will outline 3 things you can do now to destroy fear and move on confidently toward success!

1) Take Action!

Action actually cures fear. Once you get inrepparttar 117184 middle of a project, you mind will start looking for ways to make your plan work. Inaction, or doing nothing is fear's workshop. Not doing anything will destroy your confidence and those negative thoughts will dominate.

If a net biz is in your plans, take time to learn some new things. You don't have to be an expert on tech issues (experts are a dime a dozen and you can hire as many as you need), but it does help to know something about it. A little understanding on your part can relieve a LOT of stress and doubt. Take time to do your homework.

2) Focus On The Positives!

We live in a negative world, so don't beat yourself up too bad if you have fallen intorepparttar 117185 grove of doubtful thinking. The good news is that you can get out of that rut! When it comes to your biz plan, focus onrepparttar 117186 reasons why it can work instead of why it won't. Whatever you focus on, that is what you will come up with. It's funny howrepparttar 117187 mind works.

Since our business is teaching folks how to earn online income, we did an exercise where we asked individuals if it would be possible to take a homeless person fromrepparttar 117188 street and teach them how to make money online. The results of our research are interesting!

The ones who were less successful said that it would not be possible, thatrepparttar 117189 person would not even have a PC to work with, or an address to mail his checks to. They could think of every negative reason inrepparttar 117190 world why our experiment with a homeless person would not work.

Onrepparttar 117191 other hand,repparttar 117192 more successful folks (who have earned income online) started to tell us allrepparttar 117193 reasons why it could work. We could takerepparttar 117194 street person torepparttar 117195 library and teach them how to get online. They could set up a Pay Pal account and have commissions deposited there. We could help them set up a P.O. Box to get mail.

These were some ofrepparttar 117196 same ideas thatrepparttar 117197 less successful folks came up with when we asked them "Well just imagine for a moment that it could be done, how would you do it?" Then positive answers came!

So get your mind reasoning on allrepparttar 117198 ways something will work, and it will come up with many ideas for you. If you focus onrepparttar 117199 negatives, it will paint a picture for you full of reasons why your plan or biz won't work! Try it yourself. Have some fun with it. Then focus onrepparttar 117200 positives forrepparttar 117201 rest of your life!

Focus on Success – How to make affiliates work for YOU!

Written by Andrew Williamson

How do we go about getting success with affiliate programs my friends?

Let me tell you -repparttar key to achieving success inrepparttar 117183 Internet Affiliate Game is FOCUS – plain and simple!

Here’s what you have to do: -

•Read around and find out what’s on offer – there are many articles available to guide you.

•Do your research once and do it right –repparttar 117184 time you take now will pay dividends inrepparttar 117185 future.

•Pick a subject area that will retain your interest and close in on it. You want to becomerepparttar 117186 specialist in this area so that people are drawn to you.

•Then find just a handful of affiliate programs to compliment your choice!

Just a handful? That’s right.

Because here’srepparttar 117187 thing, you focus on a maximum of 5 chosen affiliate programs and then you market, market, market them!

a)You’re a specialist, you know what you’re talking about – this makes marketing easier

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