3 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Web Host

Written by Candice Pardue

Choosing a web host isrepparttar first vital step you'll take toward having your own website. Your web host will provide space onrepparttar 134457 Internet for your site so thatrepparttar 134458 whole world can view it. But, choosing a web host is not as easy as it may seem.

There are a few mistakes to avoid while choosing your host. I'd like to share these with you below, and explain why it's important to avoid these mistakes at all costs - especially if you wish to start an online business.

3 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Free Web Space - Remember seeing all those ads that mention "free web space"? Please avoid participating in these services. In most cases,repparttar 134459 reason it's free is becauserepparttar 134460 company will place advertisements for other websites all over your web page. This defeatsrepparttar 134461 entire purpose of having "your own" web business.

Why should you have to give your potential customers away? Shouldn't you be able to keeprepparttar 134462 visitors that you have paid to receive through your own ad campaigns?

With "free web space" sites, you'll give away more business than it would cost you to get your own domain and hosting service. It's not worth it.

2. Limited hosting - Avoid hosting packages that will not allow you to add order forms, statistics, or multiple email accounts to your website. These are necessary tools for any webmaster who desires to open an online business.

It's best to choose a hosting service that offers many options such as:

-- Multiple POP Email Accounts -- Dedicated Hosting -- Secure Servers -- Web Usage Statistics -- Web Space Allocation (you can get how much web space you'll need) -- URL Redirection -- Autoresponders

How to Select a Webhost that Fits Your Needs

Written by Marc Goldman

Whether you're considering starting a website or you have one and want to possibly move it, this article can help you decide whatrepparttar best webhost means to you.

To begin, every website is hosted on only 3 platforms:

Unix Windows NT Macintosh

Very few sites are hosted on a MAC server, sorepparttar 134456 majority of webhosts use Unix or NT. For these reasons we will focus on only those 2 platforms.

Unix and NT both offer various options and have different abilities. Your choice of which platform to use depends on what applications you want your site to run andrepparttar 134457 amount of control you want to have over your site.


Unix isrepparttar 134458 oldest and one ofrepparttar 134459 most widely used operating systems. It isrepparttar 134460 basis ofrepparttar 134461 internet and most webservers originally ran on a version of Unix. Unix is know as a multitasking operating system which means that it can run many applications atrepparttar 134462 same time without them affecting each other. This is very important when you consider that hundreds of websites, running thousands of CGI scripts, all receiving thousands of hits could be running on one webserver.

Why Use It?:

It's reliable Ability to host many websites onrepparttar 134463 same machine. Almost all CGI scripts run better on Unix. Programming flexibility. Much more administrative control.

With Unix, webmasters can really tweak their websites (assuming they know what they are doing) to run at optimal levels. Developers can run CGI scripts and create applications specific to their needs.

Down Sides:

Is case sensitive. It is not an easy operating system to learn. Must use telnet or Ftp to make changes.

Windows NT

NT is a relative newcomer torepparttar 134464 webhosting game but it is fast gaining a large share ofrepparttar 134465 business. NT was built to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft's web authoring tool, Frontpage. As such, it is oftenrepparttar 134466 perfect solution for newcomers who do not want to learn HTML or CGI programming or deal withrepparttar 134467 day to day hassles of administering a webserver.

Up Sides:

Can use Microsoft Frontpage to publish your website as opposed to using Ftp or telnet. Can use Cold Fusion. Somewhat easier to administer (especially forrepparttar 134468 average webmaster). Is not case sensitive.

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