3 Magical Steps For Creating A Profitably Potent Affiliate Program

Written by Grady Smith

There are a few reasons why your affiliate program isn’t bringing inrepparttar traffic and profits you’ve always hoped for. And below, I’ve outlined 5 quick ways to change that so you can get more traffic and profits usingrepparttar 102521 power of “super” affiliates.

1) Make Sure Your Sales Letter Converts. Nothing puts a damper on an affiliate program quicker than having affiliates sending you tons of traffic but not giving them anything in return.

If your sales letter really works hard to turn prospects into customers, then you’re going to make your affiliates (and yourself) really happy.

So, spend sometime getting your sales letter converting well. Study how to write better copy, or hire a professional to write you a hard-selling letter.

2) Offer Affiliate Tools. This is so important. Most affiliates will promote your program if you give themrepparttar 102522 tools to do it.

Hire someone to design some strong banners. Create a weekly “affiliate tips” newsletter to share new ideas. Create sales letters and graphics affiliates can use that will work to getrepparttar 102523 word out on your product fast.

3) Start An Affiliate Contest where you give away prizes for top sellers and those most improved. Or, make an offer that an affiliate making 10 sales through their link gets your product free. It doesn’t cost much to run a contest of this type, andrepparttar 102524 return is great.

4) Define Your Perks And Tell Potential Affiliates Why They Should Promote Your Program.

12 Guidelines for Success

Written by Holly Cotter

1. Set several goals for yourself, ranging from small to really BIG.

Write your goals down, along withrepparttar specific dates you intend to reach them by. The great thing about goals is -- if you don't reach them byrepparttar 102520 date you set -- you can always set a new date. But, by working toward reachingrepparttar 102521 goal byrepparttar 102522 date you set, even if you don't attain it inrepparttar 102523 timeframe you scheduled, you'll be closer to that goal than you would be if you weren't trying to achieve it by a certain date.


Don't let temporary obstacles or distractions stop you from getting what you want in life. Everyone experiences obstacles and distractions...successful people find a way to work AROUND them. You'll find that obstacles are easy to overcome if you are committed to reaching your goals.

3. Treat your business like a BUSINESS...not a hobby.

Get serious about building your business or get out...but don't be lukewarm about it. You can't "try" to do anything ...you either do it or you don't.

If you spent a $100,000 to start your business, you would do everything possible to earn a profit so you wouldn't lose your $100,000 investment. You need to treat your business as if it cost you a fortune to start...show up for work every day, and work like you'll be fired if you don't produce results. (Be sure to spend your time on income-producing activities!)

=> Treat your business like it cost you a fortune and it will make you a fortune. Treat it like a hobby, and it will cost you a fortune.

4. Communicate with your upline and downline REGULARLY.

Network Marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business. To build strong relationships withrepparttar 102524 people you work with, you need to have constant communcation with them.

Call someone in your upline once a week. Let them know you're a PLAYER...a person who is actively building a business and in whom they want to invest their time training.

Call your active downline members once a week. Get to know them as people, and let them know you're there for them if they need help in building their business.

5. Talk to new people EVERY day.

Yes, it's great to use email, snail mail, andrepparttar 102525 phone to introduce people to your product or opportunity. But, everyone runs into people duringrepparttar 102526 course of each day... why not share with them as well?

If you're excited aboutrepparttar 102527 results your opportunity and/or product is providing you, then you'll WANT to tell others about it. Set a goal to share your excitement with at least one new person each day as you go about your daily life.

6. Makerepparttar 102528 commitment to attend your company's prospecting calls...and BRING PROSPECTS to them.

Based on your schedule, commit to attending a specific number of your company's prospecting calls each week. Then, tell yourself you can't attend UNLESS you are bringing a prospect to that call. Since you've maderepparttar 102529 commitment to attend these calls, now you haverepparttar 102530 impetus to find a way to get at least one prospect on every call you attend.

7. Personally sign up at least one new person EACH month.

If you are truly WORKING your business, you will do whatever it takes to sponsor at least one new person each month. Remember, your business (and income) are not growing unless you are producing results. If this means you must spend 2 hours/day making calls to prospects...DO IT! The sooner you get into profit,repparttar 102531 easier it will be to continue in your business.

And, once you get torepparttar 102532 point where you are regularly signing up one person a month...stretch yourself by setting a new goal of signing up two people each month.

8. Work only with those people in your organization who are SERIOUS.

Don't waste your time trying to motivaterepparttar 102533 people who never communicate with you, or who are always complaining about how "it's not working," or who never seem to "haverepparttar 102534 time."

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