3 Killer Formulas For Closing A Sale!

Written by Larry Dotson

1 Use a "P.S." atrepparttar end of your ad copy. This is where you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close, like a free bonus. For example, "P.S. You can get (product), worth over ($), forrepparttar 100943 low price of ($)!" Another example, "P.S. I can not guaranteerepparttar 100944 (No.) bonuses will be here tomorrow!"

2 You could end your ad copy with a discounted price. Just list your regular price and then offer a discounted price offrepparttar 100945 order ‘right now’. You could also offer a rebate that takes effect instantly. For example, you could say, "Instead of paying $99, you could order now and get an instant rebate of $20 - you only pay $79!"

Mind Reading: Answer Your Prospect's Questions Before They Ask!

Written by Larry Dotson

How many times have you read an ad and you had a question that would determine whether you would buy or not? Did you takerepparttar extra time to e-mailrepparttar 100942 business your question? If so, did you haverepparttar 100943 extra patience to wait forrepparttar 100944 answer or did you go torepparttar 100945 competition's web site to buy?

Do you see why it's really crucial to answer all your prospects questions before they ask? How do you accomplish this obstacle?

First of all, you want to place yourself inside your prospects shoes. Think like your prospect. Read your ad, what questions would you have if you wererepparttar 100946 prospect? Can I pay by check? Can I haverepparttar 100947 product delivered within 3 days? Do you guaranteerepparttar 100948 product?

To get a even better point of view, have your friends or family members go through your ad. Have them point out questions they might ask.

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