3 Instant Traffic Techniques for Mini-Sites

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

When building websites there are two main options: large content site or small mini-sites. Large content sites are normally more "information" focused. Mini-sites, however, normally have one purpose only, to sell.

Given what search engines want, large content sites are much better for getting search engine traffic. Most ofrepparttar time (unless you're excellent at optimizing), it's hard to get mini-sites to rank well for competitive keywords.

This is why most do NOT rely on search engines for traffic to their mini-sites.

In all honesty,repparttar 141821 best strategy is to combinerepparttar 141822 two types of sites by having a large content site to rank well with search engines that feeds traffic to your mini-sites.

However, not all of us haverepparttar 141823 time or know-how to easily build large sites that do well with search engines. Most of us just want to put up a small site and start making money.

Here arerepparttar 141824 3 traffic generating techniques I use everyday for traffic to mini-sites.

#1: Forums/Discussion Boards

I have made more than $6,000 from one mini-site just by targeting it torepparttar 141825 right forum in my signature file. All I did was leave a nice statement in my signature file; in 1 month I attracted over 5,000 targeted visitors that converted to over $6,000 for me.

The basic strategy here is that you need to find related forums and become active in them. Get yourself known, find out what those members talk about and find an affiliate product to fit their demand.

Then, make a nice, simple, yet captive site with a great headline followed by a review ofrepparttar 141826 product. Test it and if it pulls well, you have a winner. If not, choose another product.

#2: Ezine Advertising

I would rate ezine advertising atrepparttar 141827 second best way to gather traffic to your mini-sites only because this technique can cost some money. Forum promotions have no cost (typically). However, ezine advertising can provide much better results.

Forum marketing requires you takingrepparttar 141828 time to make sensible responses or asking good questions. However, with ezine advertising, you just write a good promotion and letrepparttar 141829 publisher send it out.

Hollander Consultants Continues Expansion into Cyberspace

Written by Matthew Bratschi

“Ask Hollander Consultants” Is Third New Website in Series

Portland, OR – Hollander Consultants continues its outreach intorepparttar information exchange of cyberspace by starting http://www.askhollander.com, a website designed to provide practice management advice for healthcare practices. The site offers practice owners a forum to ask questions concerning practice management issues and get advice from Hollander Consultants’ over 22 years of experience in providing practice management results.

“The staff of Hollander Consultants has decades of experience in nearly every aspect of practice management. The new website, http://www.askhollander.com, will be a basic question and answer locale for individuals that need help in resolving issues in their practices,” said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

In addition to its flagship websites, http://www.hollanderconsultants.com and http://www.solutionsmags.com, Hollander Consultants is creating a diverse presence onrepparttar 141683 World Wide Web with two additional websites, http://www.hollanderpressroom.com and http://www.practicemanagementblog.com.

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