3 Important Moving Insurance Tips

Written by Ispas Marin

Because ofrepparttar many problems that can occur when you hire a moving company to transport your goods,repparttar 143787 moving companies are required some basic insurance of your goods. Even with this basic insurance, purchasing additional coverage might be needed.There are two common forms of additional insurance: replace value coverage and basic liability which meansrepparttar 143788 actual cash value orrepparttar 143789 declared value protection.

First Tip : As a percent,repparttar 143790 chance to fill a claim after a move is one in three, keep that in mind even if it's for small amounts. The standard for basic liability insurance is about $.30 to $.60 per pound per item so if an item weights 50 poundsrepparttar 143791 mover's liability is $30 on that item.If you choose declared value protection you can decide your items value andrepparttar 143792 mover is liable for that value. Inrepparttar 143793 case your items are stolen, you andrepparttar 143794 moving company will rely onrepparttar 143795 sum value that you stated inrepparttar 143796 moving agreement. If you choose replacement value coveragerepparttar 143797 mover is liable if your item is stolen or it breaks, and that's that. As an example, if your item is stolen, with replacement value coverage you receive a brand new one, with actual cash value coverage you getrepparttar 143798 cash value of your 5 year old item.

How To Wear Contact Lenses In The Allergy Season

Written by Peter Smithson

The allergy seasons are a real challenge, especially if you wear contact lenses. A chronic allergy to mold, pet dander or other environmental allergens can create a year-round dilemma. No matter whatrepparttar cause, seasonal allergies make your eyes hypersensitive and irritated. Ordinary soft contact lenses often make them feel even worse.

There's a lot you can do to reducerepparttar 143757 misery of allergy season. Keep your contacts as clean as you can whether you have to use lubricating drops to rinse your eyes out regularly. Remove your contacts and clean them in a solution throughoutrepparttar 143758 day, if they are not 'one-per-day' type lenses.

Allergy induced conjunctivitis, a condition that causes painful swelling and redness ofrepparttar 143759 eyes, can make wearing your contacts a real pain. If this becomes a real issue, it's best to consult your optometrist. Disposable lenses allow you a more comfortable lens that you can trash atrepparttar 143760 end ofrepparttar 143761 day. You'll have no more worries about making sure allrepparttar 143762 dust and pollen has been removed or cleansed.

Other ways to get relief are simple. During allergy season, contact lens wearers should closerepparttar 143763 windows in their cars and houses and userepparttar 143764 air conditioner. Air conditioner filters often remove most ofrepparttar 143765 annoying pollens and dust fromrepparttar 143766 air. Avoid doing a lot of lawn work or outdoor activities inrepparttar 143767 mornings and early afternoon, because pollens are usually at their highest levels at that time.

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