3 Hypnotic Selling Tools!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Identify your prospect's defense mechanism for not buying. Explain to them it's normal and everyone has one.

For example:

Should you have any thought about not buying our product, it's just a little defense mechanism that everyone has in their brain. It's there because other businesses have ripped off your money inrepparttar past. You don't want it to rule your life, do you?

2. Tell your prospects that their problem is gradually disappearing as they are reading your ad copy.

For example:

As you continue to read this ad copy you feel your problem slowing disappearingrepparttar 127245 closer you come to investing in our product.

Increasing Sales with Customer Interaction Points

Written by Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant, http://www.justinhitt.com/

Documenting and exploringrepparttar communications you have with your customers can reveal opportunities for selling and educating them that may not have been apparent previously. It is important to understandrepparttar 127244 terms that are being used here because they are critical to deriving more sales from each interaction. This will become clearer when we explorerepparttar 127245 three key elements -- influencers, mediums, and expectations.

Customer interaction points represent any communications you have with your customer at any point inrepparttar 127246 relationship. These points represent a system of selling and educational opportunities. When we talk about exploiting customer interaction points, we are specifically looking at employingrepparttar 127247 greatest possible advantage for bothrepparttar 127248 customer and your organization always seek increasing service and providing win-win situations.

Each customer interaction point gives your organization valuable information that helps tailor your services forrepparttar 127249 customer while teaching them about ways to receive additional benefit. If you do not utilize this opportunity in every communication, you could be missing useful knowledge and future sales. The three key elements mentioned inrepparttar 127250 first paragraph will make this statement clearer.

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