3 Great Website Promotion Ideas: Which Works Best For You?

Written by Steve Nash

In this article, I want to discuss 3 different approaches to generating traffic to your website; how each approach can help you promote YOUR website; and who REALLY benefits from these methods.


Question: What dorepparttar following sites have in common? StartBlaze; Trafficology; and TextMeFree.com .

Answer: In one way or another, they all provide successful ways you can generate traffic to your website.


If you are a keen follower of all things 'website promotion', you have probably heard of StartBlaze and you may well have heard of Trafficology, but you will not have heard of TextMeFree.com (but may well understandrepparttar 125174 concept behind it).

So let's look at each website promotion idea on its own, explaining how it works and who really benefits...

=> Site 1: StartBlaze

* So, what is StartBlaze?

1. A free viral traffic building system that takes seconds to start.

2. Get free advertising doing something you would normally do throughout your day anyway. Open your browser and get traffic. Your friends open their browser and you get traffic, too.

Here's a Quick Run Down of How StartBlaze Works: [It's free and takes only a few seconds.]

1. Sign up and set your StartBlaze.com code as your home page.

2. Earn hits by opening your browser.

3. Earn more hits when your friends sign up and open their browsers.

4. Get hits when they bring their friends in, and so on, four levels down.

5. The more hits you have,repparttar 125175 more times your site will show up on another StartBlaze member's browser.

6. Get more traffic to your site -- it's 100% free and we do all repparttar 125176 work!

(The above description is taken directly fromrepparttar 125177 StartBlaze site. Let me just add, that for each 6 sites you visit, you earn one hit or visit to your nominated site.)

* Verdict on StartBlaze

For very little effort on your part, StartBlaze DOES DELIVER traffic to your nominated site. And if you are successful in referring other StartBlaze users, you really might see a LOT OF VISITORS to your site.

Remember, though, that most ofrepparttar 125178 visitors will be more interested in promoting *their* site than exploring your site. Make sure your nominated site is suitable to such visitors, otherwise you will only get a few seconds of their time. (This is because a simple click on a browser's refresh button and StartBlaze delivers another StartBlaze site, and another partial hit torepparttar 125179 StartBlaze user!)

StartBlaze - 8/10

* Who REALLY benefits from StartBlaze?

StartBlaze is an easy way to get visitors to your website, butrepparttar 125180 site that really benefits from StartBlaze is...

Answer: Aesop.com (and associated websites).

Each website delivered by StartBlaze is framed by a top frame that contains a StartBlaze login panel AND an Aesop.com search box. (Aesop.com arerepparttar 125181 owners of Start Blaze.)

Also, and without boring and confusing you withrepparttar 125182 maths, for every 6 sites you visit, Aesop.com (and associated websites) gets AT LEAST 1 hit and may well receive 5 hits (if you have not been referred by another StartBlaze user).

Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop.com, is a very clever man. He has created (and marketed!) a modest, almost unique traffic- generation system that many are keen to and promote (including myself - I'm even writing this article about StartBlaze!). And, as all of us work hard to generate more visitors to our sites using StartBlaze, we inevitably generate more visitors to Aesop.com (and associated web sites) too. Brilliant.

* The real website promotion idea?

Create and promote your *own* StartBlaze system!

=> Site 2: Trafficology newsletter

* So what isrepparttar 125183 Trafficology newsletter?

(Again, in their own words...)

Every month, we pay $1,350 in "cash bribes" to our readers for their BEST traffic ideas.

And every month, people submit ideas byrepparttar 125184 hundreds!

Frankly, a lot of them are lousy.

But invariably... a handful of them are GREAT web promotion ideas that I would have never thought of... and that I promise you've never heard of!

Here'srepparttar 125185 best part:

We put allrepparttar 125186 BEST stuff we get in our newsletter and send it out FREE to our subscribers! Yes... FREE.

(Trafficology run an affiliate program! They pay out $1350 torepparttar 125187 referrers of winning contributors, also!)

* Verdict on Trafficology newsletter

Trafficology newsletter is just that, a website promotion newsletter. Nothing too inspirational about that, then. However, because ofrepparttar 125188 prize money involved you are BOUND to discoverrepparttar 125189 very latest website promotion ideas, sooner rather than later. And you may well make some money too, if you refer a subscriber with a winning idea!

8 ways to promote new content on your website

Written by Steve Nash

After months of rebuilding your website - adding great content filled with profitable, keyword-rich copy (all due to Dr Ken Evoy's excellent 5-day Affiliate Masters e-mail course, no doubt) - your site is now ready to be uploaded torepparttar Internet!

But how do you go about promoting this new content? Well, you need a plan!

===== Side Bar ===== It's easy to receive Ken's 5-day Affiliate Masters e-mail course! Just send a blank e-mail to mailto:tamsshopping101@sitesell.com and get day 1 of this great course in your inbox TODAY! ===== Side Bar =====


Yes, you need a website promotion plan! And you need a schedule for that plan. And once that schedule's finished, you need another, long-term plan - site promotion is never over! Some ofrepparttar 125173 activities that you should plan to do are listed below; you can probably think of others, more relevant to your site: do!

===== Side Bar ===== For a long-term plan, and some long-term activities, read my article called Promote Your Site Every Day!. You can find it : http://www.shoptour.co.uk/webmaster-promote/promote-your-site.shtml ===== Side Bar =====


Tell your e-mail subscribers! This is an easy first step to take, to promote a site redesign (or new pages on your site). Subscribers have been expecting an announcement, anyway, because you've been referring torepparttar 125174 redesign in earlier newsletters (haven't you?).

This is your best opportunity to really go into detail about allrepparttar 125175 great ways your site has improved, and allrepparttar 125176 new benefits your subscribers will find. You could even (cheekily!) run a competition to encourage subscribers to visit your site, and find those inevitable bugs, beforerepparttar 125177 rest ofrepparttar 125178 web does!!

===== Side Bar ===== If you don't run a newsletter, this is one (of many) great reasons why you should! Listbot, Topica, e-circle are just a few services that provide free, ad-supported, newsletters: - http://www.listbot.com - http://www.topica.com - http://www.ecircle-uk.com ===== Side Bar =====


Tell friends, family and others who are (legitimately) in your address book. Make your e-mail personal, and friendly. And better still, just talk about how your site now benefits or involves them. That is, just discuss: * your new link to their site * your promotion of their affiliate program * their new article, now on your site

Even busy friends and family, need to be 'encouraged'! Always focus on benefits, but *get them* to visit!


Tellrepparttar 125179 newsgroups about your new site, but only do this if you are a regular contributor. Simply announce your site - check that site announcements are allowed, first! - with a few good reasons why members should visit! Better still, contribute torepparttar 125180 newsgroup, and simply leave your URL as part of your 'signature'.

A great place to find suitable newsgroups is - http://www.deja.com/usenet/ (now http://groups.google.com)


DON'T just blast your new pages to allrepparttar 125181 search engines / directories! This may seem like spam to them, and your new pages (or even your whole site) may get banned. This is because some search engines need to be told about new pages, others don't. And directories generally just like to know aboutrepparttar 125182 main page on your site (unless you've just added a lot of content on a completely different theme).

Search engine policies change regularly, so find out from others by visiting a search engine forum, or asking someone you consider to be an expert. An excellent place to find search engine advice is http://www.searchengineforums.com [HELP! and New Member Forum].

(So what did *I* do? I just submitted one new page torepparttar 125183 major search engines. This page has links to all ofrepparttar 125184 other new pages, too, sorepparttar 125185 search engine spiders should eventually index all of my new content. I visited searchengineforums first, obviously!)


Add more keywords to your various pay-per-click accounts. This is a great way to make new content available, quickly. (You just have to wait for keyword-approval byrepparttar 125186 pay-per-click administrators).

Choose profitable keywords (high demand, low supply), identified when you began creating new content. But, as you pay for each click, it's important that you only get clicks from your potential customers; so choose your keywords, title & description carefully.

===== Big Side Bar ===== Don't know what Pay-per-click search engines are? They are search engines, like GoTo, that allow you to choose how highly your site ranks for a particular keyword. So you make a bid on a keyword. And if your bid is highest, your site features highest on that search engine's ranking, for that keyword. And for each click your listing generates, you payrepparttar 125187 amount that you bid torepparttar 125188 search engine.

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