3 Easy Golf Tips to Shave Strokes from Your Game

Written by Kent Smith

Here are 3 easy golf tips that will immediately give you a better swing and improve your hitting! It did for me almost instantly once I gotrepparttar feel of it.

I went from hitting maybe one fairway per round and not being able to hit my driver to hittingrepparttar 140868 vast majority of fairways offrepparttar 140869 tee while still enjoyingrepparttar 140870 extra distance of using my driver. This is exciting stuff for a mid to high handicapper...so read on.

Golf Tip #1 - Be certain that you are takingrepparttar 140871 club back by turning your shoulders NOT picking up your hands.

By takingrepparttar 140872 club back in a "one piece" takeaway, which only means that your shoulders startrepparttar 140873 turn back and your arms, hands and thus club follow in one piece - by doing this you will automatically putrepparttar 140874 golf club onrepparttar 140875 proper swing plane. So long as you do not try to helprepparttar 140876 club do its job, you will be well downrepparttar 140877 path to a more solid swing and consistent hits with this tip alone.

Practice this in front of a mirror with or without a club, making sure that your head stays solidly in place and that your three body parts mentioned above go to at least parallel as one unit.

Golf Tip #2 - Don't overswing and swing easy. They engineerrepparttar 140878 clubs to dorepparttar 140879 hitting - gettingrepparttar 140880 ball offrepparttar 140881 ground and a certain distance no matter how hard you swing. As a matter of fact,repparttar 140882 harder you swingrepparttar 140883 lessrepparttar 140884 club can do what it is supposed to do and you will sacrifice both distance and accuracy.

World Wide Fishing Flies

Written by Mark Hunter

World Wide Fishing Flies create a full range of traditionally dressed flies for anglers all overrepparttar world. With over 16 years experience in hand tying all types of flies you can be sure thatrepparttar 140749 patterns tied will be as authentic as possible.

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