3 Deadly traffic killers courtesy of web hosting services

Written by By Luis Perez

Web hosts, who are supposed to be your close business partners, and whom you expect to be prepared to do virtually anything to help lift your business to success, can also berepparttar biggest stumbling block andrepparttar 134313 worst enemy in your search for high traffic and web site success. Here’s how.

a)The old game of now your site is available and now it is not, greatly affects traffic to your web site. This unreliability can be caused by many factors. It can berepparttar 134314 web host using sub standard low quality servers. It could even berepparttar 134315 web host overselling their services and signing up many more accounts than their available resources can support.

b)Some sites are pretty basic and should load quickly and yet they still take ages. Most browsers (and your potential clients) will not wait but will closerepparttar 134316 slow window and move on somewhere else. These slow speeds may in some cases be caused byrepparttar 134317 same reasons as I’ve listed in ‘b’ above.

The 3 most common complaints against web site hosts

Written by Luis Perez

The 3 most common complaints against web site hosts are pretty commonplace these days.

There has been a rapidly rising demand for web hosting services and many ofrepparttar part-time basis-basement operations have found it virtually impossible to meetrepparttar 134312 new quality and service demands of web sites. Many who had previously gotten away with shoddy services and a technical service department that was just an answering machine where all callers including clients with emergency situations left their messages.

You may be unfortunate enough to still be using a hosting service like this one. Our advice is that it is too costly in today’s net environment.

Here arerepparttar 134313 3 most common complaints against hosts;

a)Poor Technical Support This complaint is by farrepparttar 134314 one that is mostly heard. Many hosting companies outsource their technical support andrepparttar 134315 result is often total chaos. Clients get answering machines or voice mail systems when they call. Sometimes you can even get non-English speaking technicians.

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