3 Deadly Search Engine Marketing Sins

Written by John Gergye

My inbox this week provided glaring examples of three all too common rookie search engine marketing mistakes. What you could call three deadly search engine marketing sins. Starting with

===> Inadequate Keyword Research

Hey! If youíre going to spend hours developing a web site, isnít it smart to invest some time to insure youíre focusing onrepparttar most traffic laden keywords?

Especially when typicallyrepparttar 128270 plural form of a keyword phrase generates way more traffic thanrepparttar 128271 singular form. For example "dog dishes" rather than "dog dish".

Yet just this week I was asked to look at a site that had focused onrepparttar 128272 singular form. Evidentlyrepparttar 128273 owner hadnít bothered to do any digging to make sure that was their best keyword move.

Look, youíll never know for sure unless you research it. Besides, you can access Wordtracker,repparttar 128274 tool of choice for what? a measly $7 a day.

Even better hereís a quick and dirty way to getrepparttar 128275 most out of that day.

Search for your target keyword in Google.

Visitrepparttar 128276 top ranking sites. Userepparttar 128277 "View Source" feature of Internet Explorer to check outrepparttar 128278 keyword meta tag of each site. You're looking for a site listing lots of keywords there. Do this with each ofrepparttar 128279 top listings or until you find one stuffed torepparttar 128280 gills with keywords. Ah-ha! Thereís your starting point for your list of likely keyword phrases.

Repeat with a couple of other sites and youíll soon have a long list of candidates to check out in Wordtracker.

Enhance your list further using this tool:


It will give you more keyword ideas from Google and Overture.

Now youíre ready for Wordtracker.

Once youíve compiled your Wordtracker results, you could simply sort by KEI and then by searches per day.

That gives yourepparttar 128281 strongest keywords withrepparttar 128282 most searches. (And yes, I realize KEI assumes all search engine listings are of equal value. But I did say this was "quick and dirty" didn't I? However if you want another approach that improves on KEI thereís a spreadsheet available at http://www.seo-works.com/seo-resources/keyword-effectiveness-rank.html)

Anyway, once you're sorted your keywords in some way to highlightrepparttar 128283 most profitable, simply takerepparttar 128284 top 25 onrepparttar 128285 list and create content for those first. No, not every one will be a natural born traffic magnet. But enough of them will be to getrepparttar 128286 ball rolling.

What Posting Articles Online did for my Google Page Rank in90 Days

Written by Dr. Lynella Grant

Article Marketing Builds Momentum and Traffic When I started submitting articles to ezines and directories I was happy just to get an occasional article written and widely posted online. I assumed that wasrepparttar point. But I've since learned about equally important considerations--likerepparttar 128269 Page Rank ofrepparttar 128270 site where it appears.

Each article was written to inform and appeal torepparttar 128271 human readers. Search engines were incidental in my mind. I wasn't systematic about submitting new ones on a regular basis so they built momentum. Nor was I careful to emphasize my website's keywords and principal theme. But I do now--it matters. Despite that,repparttar 128272 articles already posted have been hard at work for me.

My list of places for submitting keeps expanding. And it's further refined with every article posted. After a year and a half, that's a large list (nearly a thousand). And I'm a known quantity with sites and ezines that consistently post my contributions. My best-received article to date shows 181 Google mentions (with their related incoming links).

Starting from Zero Online Visibility I launched a new website mid-June, 2004, using article marketing asrepparttar 128273 primary traffic-building strategy (Yellow Page Sage, getting your Yellow Page ad and website working together). The first article was a strong one, getting 135 Google cites.

Overrepparttar 128274 next three months I wrote and posted seven articles related to Yellow Pages or Local Search. The website also provided extensive information about Yellow Page advertising by other authors--making it very sticky and content-rich.

Creating an Article 12-pack After they were submitted to my list, I combined those seven articles with five of my prior marketing articles - twelve in all (with a link to each article). Instead of offering them as onesees, I now sendrepparttar 128275 whole batch (lettingrepparttar 128276 receiver pick what they want).

I prepared a letter offeringrepparttar 128277 12-pack, asking if they want to receive similar future ones. That letter is only sent to websites I've visited. I'd never offer it to a site unless there's a good fit. Sending outrepparttar 128278 12-pack is an ongoing activity, and another way to expand my list. Some websites have postedrepparttar 128279 whole set - twelve return links from one letter!

Surprise! Google Noticed me! Since I was busy gettingrepparttar 128280 site polished and launched, it caught me by surprise that in two months my Google Page Rank was 3/10 (the first time I checked). Andrepparttar 128281 following month it had climbed to PR 4/10 - without doing anything but post seven articles. I didn't yet realize it was getting extra mileage because ofrepparttar 128282 strength of my list. So moving to PR 5/10 can't be too far off, can it?

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