3 Dangerous FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) Myths

Written by Steven Austin

Think you’ve gotrepparttar FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) figured out? Don’t be so sure. While nothing can takerepparttar 138077 place of a lawyer’s advice, if you’ve at least overcome these three dangerous myths aboutrepparttar 138078 law, you may save yourself a lot of money and heartache.

FDCPA Myth 3:repparttar 138079 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act isrepparttar 138080 only law governing collections

Fact: The FDCPA is a US federal law. Each state has additional laws that govern fair debt collection practices. Some portions of those laws may have been invalidated byrepparttar 138081 federal law. But, as a general rule, state laws are valid if they provide greater protections (or restrictions, depending on your point of view), and invalid if they allow debt collectors too much leeway. Meanwhile, other countries have their own laws, which may or may not apply ifrepparttar 138082 collector or debtor is currently located outsiderepparttar 138083 US.

Reality: it is important to keep in mind allrepparttar 138084 relevant state laws. Those state laws may includerepparttar 138085 laws of up to three or even more states:repparttar 138086 debtor’s current state of residence, business, and/or work;repparttar 138087 debt collector’s state; andrepparttar 138088 state of any outside collection agency. The multiplicity of laws is just one reason why lawyers are so often brought intorepparttar 138089 collections process, especially whenrepparttar 138090 amounts are large.

Debt collections that cross national borders are notoriously complicated, whether it’s a US collector seeking payment from a foreign national or vice versa. That’s just one reason that businesses that have a large customer base in another country will often open a branch office there.

FDCPA Myth 2: if a collector violates fair debt collection practices,repparttar 138091 debt is thrown out.

Fact: it’s true that unfair debt collection practices will likely costrepparttar 138092 collectorrepparttar 138093 judge’s sympathy ifrepparttar 138094 collections go to court. Butrepparttar 138095 Act does not say thatrepparttar 138096 debt itself will necessarily be invalidated.

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