3D Magic Mahjongg Review

Written by Alexei

This is a game that goes to show, nothing is quite as simple as it seems. Similar to other versions of Mahjong, 3D Magic Mahjongg is much more interesting on account ofrepparttar mood set byrepparttar 144812 3D visuals, soothing music andrepparttar 144813 Chinese temple ambience that you encounter when you first downloadrepparttar 144814 game and start playing.

Unique from earlier variations of Mahjong, it has advisory levels that warn you if you are going wrong so you can take corrective action. Other features are, that you can have game statistics for each board, score tables to list best times achieved and a camera panel that allows you to viewrepparttar 144815 game from different angles.

Two versions ofrepparttar 144816 game are available so you can choose tile sets and holiday themes. These have been done really nicely. The tiles are colourful and pretty and some are pretty confusing and it is fun to ramble around choosing which tiles or formation you want to play with. The settings add torepparttar 144817 fun. The holiday settings are well designed and put you in a festive mood.

Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Art Raven

Written by Clint Leung

The most important symbol to many Pacific Northwest Native Canadian people isrepparttar Raven bird who is consideredrepparttar 144205 Creator's assistant. It is said thatrepparttar 144206 Raven could transform himself into anything. He was responsible for supplyingrepparttar 144207 rivers and seas with fish as well as puttingrepparttar 144208 sun intorepparttar 144209 sky. This is whyrepparttar 144210 Raven is sometimes referred to asrepparttar 144211 'Bringer of Light'. Interestingly enough,repparttar 144212 Raven's antics were thought to be motivated by greed. It was also said that he loved to tease and trick which gave himrepparttar 144213 reputation of beingrepparttar 144214 trickster. Despite his selfishness,repparttar 144215 Raven is also a cultural hero since his mischievous actions always helpedrepparttar 144216 world.

According to one Pacific Northwest Native Canadian legend, an old chief hidrepparttar 144217 sun away in a box. The Raven transformed into a pine needle which dropped intorepparttar 144218 drinking water whichrepparttar 144219 chief's daughter drank. She became pregnant and a son was born. One day,repparttar 144220 chief finally gave intorepparttar 144221 Raven's (now disguised as his

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