35 Tips for Online Success

Written by Terri Seymour

1. Don't overload your site with flashing lights and slow loading graphics. Keep it simple and torepparttar point.

2. Put a little of yourself into your site and make it unique.

3. Have your contact information listed on every page.

4. Make every page of your site consistent. You want your site to be easy to understand and navigate.

5. Provide a lot of useful content and resources. Don't just make your site one big ad.

6. Make yourself available to answer questions and to help your visitors when needed. 7. Answer all email inquiries in a timely and courteous manner.

8. Make it very easy for people to order your products. The easier to order,repparttar 117542 more orders you'll get. http://www.paypal.com http://www.clickbank.com

9. Publish an ezine. This will enable you to keep in contact with your readers and forma a very important relationship. http://www.websuccesscentral.com/ezinesuccess/index.html http://www.ezine-z.com http://www.ezineuniversity.com

10. Use an autoresponder for follow-ups. http://www.getresponse.com/?34218 http://www.sendfree.com http://www.aweber.com

11. Write and submit articles for publication in other ezines. http://www.MakingProfit.com http://www.vectorcentral.com/ezine-question-answer-form.htm http://www.ezadsuccess.com mailto:ArticleReview-subscribe@topica.com mailto:aabusiness-subscribe@egroups.com mailto:article_depot-subscribe@topica.com mailto:article_announce-subscribe@egroups.com

12. Participate in ad swaps with other publishers. http://www.freezineweb.com/ad-swaps1.html http://www.yoursalesoffice.com/Ezine_Joint_Ventures.html

12. Set up a links page and exchange links with other websites. http://www.reciprocallink.com http://folksites.com/linkconnector/reciprocal.html

13. Build your reputation and yourself as a foundation for your online success.

14. Follow-up on all sales and inquiries.

15. Develop contacts and relationships with other publishers and netpreneurs.

16. Learn how to write your own ebook to sell or give away.

17. Join discussion lists and message boards and network, network, and network. Enjoy some new friendships alongrepparttar 117543 way. mailto:Newbies911-subscribe@topica.com mailto:pubsonly-subscribe@topica.com mailto:marketingbootcamp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com http://start-smartz.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi#post

18. Find and join some good affiliate programs to help you learn marketing and selling and to add to your income. http://www.associateprograms.com http://www.affiliatebroadcast.com

The Three P's of Success!

Written by Terri Seymour

Starting and building an Internet business is not an easy task. There isrepparttar never-ending learning about promotion, marketing, website design and building, technical problems, HTML, cgi, java;repparttar 117541 list goes on and on. There are a few things you should think about when you are planning your online business. These three things are some ofrepparttar 117542 most basic yet most important aspects that could make your business a success!

These are Perseverance, Passion and People!

**Perseverance - Building a successful online business can take months or even years. Examine your goals and your life.

Will you have what it takes to not give up when things are going bad?

Do you haverepparttar 117543 determination to work this business for weeks or months without making any money?

Do you want to give up most ofrepparttar 117544 small amount of spare time that you now have?

Go over these questions in your mind and see what you come up with. Despite allrepparttar 117545 "get rich quick" ads you see, this most likely will not happen. Most people will not even get rich slowly, however, you can make a good income.

You might start making a small amount of money in a few weeks or months, then you might not make any for a few months. You must not let yourself give up, when business is not all it's cracked up to be! You must have Perseverance!

**Passion - When you are choosing your business, build your business around something that interests you, something that you are passionate about. This will help you keep going when things get tough.

Will I want to work with this business everyday?

Does this business interest me enough to keep my determination going?

Will my passion override any doubts that I will have about becoming successful?

Ask yourself these questions and see whatrepparttar 117546 answers are. You cannot build a successful business around something you have no passion or knowledge about. If you are nuts about horses, build your business around horses, not cats! You must have Passion!

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