32 Point Copywriting Checklist to Bulletproof Your Copy

Written by Kris Mills

As a direct response copywriter, I (naturally) go through a set process to ensure that my copy hitsrepparttar mark. A vital part of this process is performing "checks and balances" to ensure that allrepparttar 108190 important elements are there AND that there are no redundant or response-draining elements.

With that, I put together a 32 point copy checklist which I consult religiously. Here's a version ofrepparttar 108191 checklist I use. I hope you find it to be as helpful as I do.

1. Doesrepparttar 108192 headline in your body copy and/orrepparttar 108193 opening paragraph includerepparttar 108194 word 'you' or at least imply it?

2. Does it attract attention and shout out strong, "specific" benefits?

3. Does it relate torepparttar 108195 needs of your reader?

4. If you are marketing to a specific group, have you flagged that group inrepparttar 108196 subject?

5. Doesrepparttar 108197 subject header includerepparttar 108198 person's name?

6. Doesrepparttar 108199 body copy begin with "Dear [name]?"

7. Does your subheading or second paragraph flow on fromrepparttar 108200 headline hinting at a solution to their problem?

8. Does your copy addressrepparttar 108201 fears or wants and needs of your buyer and show them how to achieve results?

9. When you've made claims, have you shown why it gets results?

10. Have you started withrepparttar 108202 most powerful benefit first?

11. Have you given your reader allrepparttar 108203 benefits and details they need to make a buying decision?

12. Have you addressed any potential objections in your copy?

Six Essential Elements of Successful Sales Letters

Written by Joanne L. Mason

Iím about to reveal to you six essential elements of successful sales letter. These are time-tested principles that have been used by master copywriters for many decades. Include these elements in your sales letters and you can dramatically increase your income.

Success Element #1: Always Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

A great headline is your best opportunity to capture your prospectís attention. In fact itís been proven that a great headline can actually increaserepparttar responsiveness of your ad or sales letter by up 1700%! Use your headline to immediately tell your prospective customerrepparttar 108189 number one benefit that he/she will gain from your product. Keep your customer focused by using sub-headlines throughout your sales letters that go into more details about your product.

Success Element #2: Bring onrepparttar 108190 Benefits!

Benefits tell your customers what they will receive from your product. Reveal every possible benefit so customers will be anxious to buy from you right away. Offer benefits that give yourepparttar 108191 edge over your competition. Some benefits that customers want include a fair price, great bonuses, a risk free guarantee, easy payment options, and reliable customer support.

Success Element #3: Use Testimonials to Add Credibility

Nothing adds more credibility to your sales letters than testimonials. A testimonial isrepparttar 108192 equivalent of a trusted friend or respected expertís recommendation of your product. Testimonials help customers feel at ease in purchasing from you because it says that others have tried your product and were pleased.

Success Element #4: Reverse 100% ofrepparttar 108193 Risk

A great way to dramatically increase your sales is to totally remove all risk involved withrepparttar 108194 purchase. Offer customers a 100% money-back guarantee if theyíre not satisfied. Studies have shown thatrepparttar 108195 longerrepparttar 108196 guaranteerepparttar 108197 lowerrepparttar 108198 ratio of returns. If you know you have a great product you wonít have to worry about very many returns, so go ahead and offerrepparttar 108199 longest guarantee possible.

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