31 Ways to Get Your Name in the News

Written by Shannon Cherry, APR

A news release is sent to editors and journalists in order to generate a news story in a newspaper or magazine. It's one ofrepparttar easiest and cost-effective, ways to get your message out there. If a reporter decides to run your release, your business receives space for free - and more credibility than just running an ad.

Many businesses ignorerepparttar 124454 fact that reporters are looking for news, not just as rehash of an advertisement or promotion. Ultimately, ifrepparttar 124455 release is newsworthy, it won't be put inrepparttar 124456 trash

So what's news?

Cherry offers 31 suggested press release topics:

1.A new product 2.An old product with a new name or package 3.A new version of an old product 4.An old product available in new materials/colors 5.A new application of an old product 6.New accessories available for an old product 7.The publication of new or revised sales literature

The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Special Event Planning - and How to Avoid Them.

Written by Matt Cherry

Ever hearrepparttar expression: “You can never be too rich or too thin?” Inrepparttar 124453 case of special events planning, you can never be too organized.

Events are critical in providing outreach and exposure for an organization, and some can often be an excellent fund- and friend-raising tool. However, it’s easy to make a mistake when there are so many details. And those mistakes could cost you your reputation and customers if you’re not on top of every detail.

Here arerepparttar 124454 most common mistakes made – andrepparttar 124455 solutions – to help avoid such problems:

Mistake #1: Failing to identify meeting objectives. Be sure to know one hundred percent what your management expects from this event. Examples: education, recruiting, awards presentations, new product roll-out, executive installation, etc.

Mistake #2: Failing to budget properly. Many planners make this mistake by overlooking some very costly items. Specifically speaker travel, audio/visual, program handouts, shipping charges, decorations, security, and afternoon breaks. Don’t overlook these costs!

Mistake #3: Failing to have a plan. This is probablyrepparttar 124456 most common error that hurts an event. Many planners try to run an event without a plan and detailed checklist – missing important details that could make or breakrepparttar 124457 event. Lighting, seating, room temperature, music, decorations, audio/visual, and location ofrepparttar 124458 bathrooms and telephones are just some ofrepparttar 124459 details that are often forgotten.

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