2much Anti-Fraud Beta Nabs Thief

Written by Sidney Zombay

(Montreal) April 6, 2005 - While only in beta testing stage,repparttar anti-fraud system 2much.net had been developing has already produced results, leading to a first arrest.

In one case, a University of Minnesota, Wisconsin, student allegedly stole frat-mates' credit cards and engaged chat hostess Tawnee from LiveCamNetwork.com and several others in private video sex chat.

The credit card holders were unavailable for comment, but were said to be unamused.

In another case, several chat-studio performers were partnering with an unknown credit card thief who would then "wash" hundreds of dollars through certain websites by takingrepparttar 118326 ladies to pay-chat, turning stolen credit into hard cash through paycheques. More arrests are expected inrepparttar 118327 near future, though no further details are available.

Live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com serves asrepparttar 118328 testing ground forrepparttar 118329 software and services 2much.net develops for its growing network of streaming video chat sites. AHMAD,repparttar 118330 system responsible for catchingrepparttar 118331 fraudster, was developed following a recent spate of false credit card submissions.

AHMAD,repparttar 118332 Automated Human-Monitored Anti-fraud & Detection system, is programmed to flag transactions it detects as potentially fraudulent, while simultaneously allowing a human operator to review these and other transactions.

"Normally this kind of fraud would have gone undetected," said 2much president Mark Prince. "And would result in a chargeback oncerepparttar 118333 cardholders noticedrepparttar 118334 charges on their statments a month later."

So What If You Don't Have A Website?

Written by Sean D'Souza

Gasp! Choke! Gag! That’s how people react when you tell them your business does not have a website. So do you really need one?

This article attempts to show you how you can userepparttar internet (and websites) to maximise your business potential using simple internet marketing strategies.

Hello, Mr. Superman =================== If all you do is answer your e-mail promptly, respond to queries and conduct some sort of business over e-mail, you will be achieving more in one day than most websites do in a year!

Life Without Websites: C'est Possible! ===================

Paper wasrepparttar 118325 most effective method of making sure things were read - until e-mail came along. If you look at e-mail as a dynamic form of paper, you will be able to achieverepparttar 118326 same (if not better) results in getting your message across convincingly. Unfortunately, most people look at e-mail as a letter writing tool instead of using it as a communication tool.

How to Use E-mail Powerfully! =================== The key to e-mail is to have a client database inrepparttar 118327 first place. Not just any database, but people who have worked with you.

Secondly, it must be permission based. People must see your e-mail as being of help to them in their daily lives. Once you have their permission, you can e-mail them on a regular pre-agreed basis and be sure that they appreciate you keeping in touch with them.

A Very, Very Important Fact.. =================== People don't care about you or what you're selling. All they're concerned about is themselves. If your e-mail isn't helping them in some way, they’ll read it once and trash it. You may never get a second chance! Make sure, your e-mail is about them, them, them!

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