2 Ways To Eliminate Your Competition Ė Itís Easy!

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Eliminating your competition isrepparttar easiest way to increase your chances of business success. And I donít mean literally eliminate them, inrepparttar 146879 sense of doing something ďbadĒ to them.

When I say eliminate, I mean ... take them out of your prospectís consideration set for your product or service category. Make it so your prospects ONLY think of your business, product or service when they are contemplating making a purchase. That way you get their business, instead of your competition makingrepparttar 146880 sale.

What this means is if you sell widgets, you want your prospects to only think of your widgets when they are thinking of buying widgets. This is pretty easy to do if your business is not in a competitive industry.

But letís suppose there are all kinds of businesses selling what you are selling, or fillingrepparttar 146881 same consumer or business need you are filling. How can you make sure your prospects ONLY think of you ó and therefore only BUY from you ó and not all those other companies?

Answer: By thoroughly understanding those competing businesses and then doing one of two things:

(1) Finding a position inrepparttar 146882 category you can own.

This will separate you from allrepparttar 146883 other businesses and will make you uniquely qualified inrepparttar 146884 eyes of your prospect to fill their need.

This usually requires finding a specific market niche you can focus on, or finding a specific product or service attribute or benefit, that is of value to your prospects, that none of your competitors can claim or are currently promoting.

This puts you in a class of your own and virtually eliminatesrepparttar 146885 competition. No one does exactly what you do. Or inrepparttar 146886 quiterepparttar 146887 way you do it.

How Well Do You Know Your Prospects? Take this 10-Point Quiz to Find Out

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Itís crucial to know your prospects if you want to market effectively to them.

Take this quick quiz to see how well you know and understand your prospects. If you can't answer these questions, how can you be sure you are connecting with your audience in a relevant and meaningful way?

How can you be sure you are reaching them with a compelling message about your product or service?

How can you be sure you are tapping intorepparttar conversation they are already having inside their own head with respect to your product or service?

I would argue you can't. And if you can't do these things, your marketing will not be effective.

1. Who are they?

2. Where do they live ... work ... play?

3. What problem do they have that you can solve?

4. How does your product or service fit into their life?

5. What else do they buy in your product or service category?

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