2 Percent Conversion Rate

Written by Kurt Geer

Do you wonder whyrepparttar industry average of conversion rates of a customer buying on web sites is only 2 percent?

Have you tried to purchase anything online from some of repparttar 109053 Big Boys? I have a feeling that it's a game with them to load allrepparttar 109054 graphics they can and slow down their sites to berepparttar 109055 slowest loading sites onrepparttar 109056 net. Once you getrepparttar 109057 site to load they make it almost impossible and frustrating to try to purchase from them.

What aboutrepparttar 109058 consumer who is ready to buy, if they findrepparttar 109059 product they are looking for when they hitrepparttar 109060 site ? Why do some sites make it so difficult? You have to get outrepparttar 109061 magnifying glass to figure out how to purchase, findrepparttar 109062 product, and surf thru 6 pages to purchase.


Once you do purchase from them onrepparttar 109063 special that ends at midnight tonight, for a saving of 10 percent and it doesn't arrive withrepparttar 109064 other products that were purchased atrepparttar 109065 same time, it really gets frustrating to send an email to customer service and get a reply thatrepparttar 109066 shipping deptarment is looking into it, and not getting back to you with an answer for two weeks. The kicker is thatrepparttar 109067 site wasn't updated soon enough to takerepparttar 109068 out of stock product offrepparttar 109069 site before I was lucky enough to purchase it.

I am torepparttar 109070 point that if a site does not have a phone number or contact email I will not purchase from them, period! Inrepparttar 109071 last year there have been a few problems with products that I have purchased online and trying to straighten them out withrepparttar 109072 company has been next to impossible. One ofrepparttar 109073 only ways to get any satisfaction is to stop payment thrurepparttar 109074 credit card company that you purchasedrepparttar 109075 product with.

Granted some folks are to scared to purchase online for fear Their credit card info will be stolen or sold. These people are going to be a real hard sell and won't convert until they are ready to do it themselves, and some of these people may never purchase online.

The Dream Still Lingers

Written by Rob Spiegel

Remember howrepparttar world was going to change? Smart sensors in your refrigerator would notice that your milk freshness date had expired and it would add a half gallon to your electronic shopping list. As items gathered, you would clickrepparttar 109052 list over to WebVan, which would bring groceries to your door. WebVan, of course, is gone, and my refrigerator certainly doesn't have any sensors.

The WebVan demise produces two responses. The I-told-you-so group gets one more example to support its belief inrepparttar 109053 utter weakness ofrepparttar 109054 Internet. This group never believed for a second any ofrepparttar 109055 sweeping claims ofrepparttar 109056 new, new economy andrepparttar 109057 transformative power of a fully connected world.

The head-in-the-sand group gets to explain, yet again, that WebVan's problem was weak management atrepparttar 109058 top. The executives betrayed a great idea with their stunning incompetence. This group believesrepparttar 109059 Internet has already conqueredrepparttar 109060 world and thatrepparttar 109061 distraction of WebVan's collapse cloudsrepparttar 109062 clear success ofrepparttar 109063 Web.

I'm still struggling with a third point of view, which goes something like this: We don't know yet where and howrepparttar 109064 Internet will affect our lives, but eventually, there will be profound changes. Television has certainly had a profound effect on all of us, andrepparttar 109065 Internet is like a few hundred potential TVs. Only right now, we don't know which of these will take root and grow.

There are two clear winners already. Both of them have affected business more than consumers. One is email, andrepparttar 109066 other is business-to-business ecommerce. Email has connected family and friends in a new manner, which helps in a world where children typically live in different states than their parents. But email is not equal torepparttar 109067 telephone in its ability to let family and friends really communicate.

For business, however, email has completely eliminatedrepparttar 109068 typewriter. Business correspondence, proposals, blueprints, legal briefs, all of these standard business communications now travel overrepparttar 109069 Internet delivering considerable savings to bothrepparttar 109070 sender andrepparttar 109071 recipient. Count me among those who are convinced that email is trulyrepparttar 109072 Web's great killer application.

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