"25 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Telephone Results To Build Your MLM Dowline."

Written by Jason Clark

1.Reap what you sow! What does that mean? Itís vital you keep prospecting to keeprepparttar funnel full. The prospecting funnel isrepparttar 122486 life-blood of your network marketing business. Itísrepparttar 122487 heartbeat of your business.

2.You must use your product or service no matter what you recommend. If you donít use your product you are going to have a tough time convincing your prospects to use it. What is your personal story?

3.Ask yourself what are your prospects most fundamental concerns are. Become a problem solver match your business opportunity or product to their primary wants.

4.If you donít succeed totally on a prospecting call, qualify them forrepparttar 122488 future. Follow up again in 6 months to check if your prospects circumstances have changed.

5.Go back to high potential prospects that didnít join or purchase your product. You have a much better chance when you go back because you have developed your skills over a period of time.

6.When leaving a message with a machine or person identify yourself. Identify yourself with your title and where youíre calling from because it adds credibility.

7.When leaving a message on voicemail speak slowly and clearly. It gives your listener time to take notes. Always repeat important details.

8.Prepare your voicemail strategy before making your call. Prepare what youíre actually going to say. You will sound more confident and more competent.

9.Every time you leave a voicemail message be certain to insert something of value and interest. Your prospect needs a reason to take action.

10. Donít be too concerned withrepparttar 122489 best time to call a prospect. The best time to call is when youíre available. If youíre not onrepparttar 122490 phone you donít have any chance reaching anyone.

11. Have call objectives for your day and stick to! When you have your day planned you will be more focused and likely to take action. Take prospects from first contact to a scheduled interview.

12. Take each call, as far it will possible go. Have an objective and reason for your call. If you have an objective of making first contact to then interviewing your prospect take your call through this process. Donít have a limited notion it takes X number of dials to achieve this and make a sale.

13. Do a little more each day. Challenge yourself and you will growÖ beat your results anyway you can and it will do wonders for your business. MLM is a personal development program with a pay plan attached.

14. Your opening statement must always address your prospects primary wants. What is it your prospect wants? Whatís in it for your prospect?

15. Begin follow up calls with pro-active phrases like: Iím calling to review, Iím calling to discuss, Iím calling to analyse, Iím calling to go over what we talked about on out last call or Iím calling to continue our conversation from last time.

"Which of These 7 Mistakes Are You Making In MLM?"...

Written by Joe Schroeder

You've done it. You've signed up with a network marketing company. You're ready to get started with your teams advertising system. You're ready, set, go. Allrepparttar ads hit, you're excited. Like a kid who can't wait to go to Disney World, you wait forrepparttar 122485 responses to pour in.

After 2-3 days... Nothing.

Why didn't anyone respond?

Don't worry. You're not alone. Matter of fact, this is a common scenario in MLM. People get jazzed, sign up with their uplines co-op, fire off a few hundred emails, getrepparttar 122486 postcards, and nothing comes of it.

Marketing experts they are not. You, of course, are smarter than that, which is why you're reading this special report right now. You want to knowrepparttar 122487 top 7 mistakes people make in MLM, and you want to knowrepparttar 122488 solutions to them.

Here they are:

Using "Institutional Advertising"

Institutional advertising is advertising that does not focus on your prospects. Rather on you, your company, your pay plan, your products, your bonus pool, your packaging, orrepparttar 122489 sales people atrepparttar 122490 home office. Anything that does not focus solely on your prospect is institutional advertising. Think of Coke-A-Cola. That's institutional advertising. Their sole purpose is brand their name into your mind. That way when you get thirsty and want a soda, you buy a Coke.

You must focus on your prospects ego and their desires. What they want takes priority over what you orrepparttar 122491 MLM company you're with wants. Tell them what's in it for them.

Solution: Create prospect focused advertising and drop your ego and appeal torepparttar 122492 prospects ego.

Fell Into Managment Mode

This one is a biggy. In order to make money in network marketing (or in direct selling)repparttar 122493 life blood is new business. Forrepparttar 122494 first 2-3 years new business is what drives your income. If you spend all of your time managing people and none of it actually aquiring new business you'll fall into a mode where your income levels off or just drops. This is managment mode and it will stop you dead in your tracks from making long term income from MLM.

Solution: Always be moving forward, building your group. Leading by example. By building.

Making MLM Your Business

One ofrepparttar 122495 most sobering and completely real facts of MLM is that you do not own your own MLM business. At any moment in timerepparttar 122496 network marketing company you're with could shut it's doors, change it's policies, cutrepparttar 122497 popular products (not likely, but happens) or any number of things that would instantly stop your income or cut it by 50%.

Making MLM your business limits you. Stops you from seeing all ofrepparttar 122498 possibilities outsiderepparttar 122499 MLM industry. Instantly turning your income into something that is in reality, not yours. Make MLM a part of your business. Notrepparttar 122500 sole reason it exists.

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