25 Leadership Maxims

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: Maxims have an illustrious history inrepparttar 105624 annuals of leadership. Applyingrepparttar 105625 less-is-more principle of expression, maxims can trigger action, guide behavior and promote values. A renown leadership expert offers 25 maxims that he has composed, maxims that can enrich your leadership awareness and effectiveness.

25 Leadership Maxims by Brent Filson

"We will never know how really good we are as leaders unless we are leading people to be better than they think they are."

"Poor performance is less harmful to a leader than mediocre performance disguised as good performance."

"Most leaders are striving to getrepparttar 105626 wrong results orrepparttar 105627 right results inrepparttar 105628 wrong ways."

"The lowest forms of leadership involve rewards and punishments."

"Getting along is not necessarily getting results."

"If you can't feel it, you can't lead it, and they won't do it."

"Leadership isrepparttar 105629 trim tab of all careers."

"Leadership is seeing hope in any adversity."

"To make a difference, berepparttar 105630 difference."

"In leadership, you don't have to expectrepparttar 105631 worse, you just have to makerepparttar 105632 most of it when it happens."


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