24 Key Factors to Investigate When Analyzing ANY Business

Written by Jeremy Gossman

24 Key Factors to Investigate When Analyzing ANY Business

It doesn't matter what business or investment you are looking at...it all comes down to analyzing a few key factors.

The higher each of these factors rate with you, plusrepparttar combination of them all,repparttar 117114 better your potential for return.

Industry - Isrepparttar 117115 business's industry expanding or contracting?

Trends - Will you be ahead or behindrepparttar 117116 trends?

Timing - Are you early or late inrepparttar 117117 product & industry life cycle?

Products - Do they provide value for money torepparttar 117118 end user?

Uniqueness - Doesrepparttar 117119 company have any exclusivity, patents, etc?

Demand - How big isrepparttar 117120 market forrepparttar 117121 products & services?

Longevity - How long couldrepparttar 117122 products last inrepparttar 117123 market?

Future - Are there more products "inrepparttar 117124 pipeline"?

Competition - Who else are you marketing against?

Profitability - Are there good profit margins?

Compensation - How much can you earn?

Indirect Advertising

Written by Warren Contreras

I am reasonably sure that anyone reading this article is familiar with allrepparttar free online advertising resources such asrepparttar 117113 all too familiar Sp-m, Classifieds, FFA pages, Banners, Text Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Newsletters,Guaranteed Visitors, Paid to Read, Paid to Join, Link Swaps, Pop-ups, Other 'In-Your-Face' Ads, andrepparttar 117114 list goes on and on.

The question I would like you to consider is, when you see this kind of stuff yourself what is your 'Frame of Mind'?

My guess is you know what's coming and your shields go up. You pull up your waders and trudge on through, oblivious torepparttar 117115 thousands of messages ricochetting off your armor just so you can collect a few more hits for your own website or offer. With Millions of would be online marketers doing this hour after hour and day after day, is it any wonder thatrepparttar 117116 Internet slows down to a crawl and even stops at times?

So what if you could put your message on hold for a time when your prospects finished their 'Direct Advertising' chores. They have returned to their curious wanderings online, a time when they are now open to checking things out. Instead of shoving your material in their face, they come looking for you to see what you are doing. Maybe even ask a few questions. Kind of like stopping off for a cold one withrepparttar 117117 gang after work.

The online equivalent to this scene is being played out today and every day and you can participate for free. It is called 'Social Networking' or even more appropriately for us, 'Business Networking' and is easily found with your favorite search engine.

Since this can hardly be considered blatant advertising (at least not directly) I will sayrepparttar 117118 one I am most familiar with and use myself, isrepparttar 117119 Ryze Business Network. With a free account they allow you to create a 'Home Page' where you can display whatever you want other members to see. I suggest you tell about yourself instead of wasting it on more advertising. Those that visit know that they are on a Business Network and know you are here because you have something for sale.

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