21 Hot Niche Minisite Profit Ideas

Written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian


How To Use The Power Of HOT 'In-Demand' Niches To INSTANTLY Get More New Business Than You Can Handle!

Everyone's talking about profiting from "Niche Marketing" - but no one's telling you exactly HOW to do it! Now you'll discover how to taprepparttar incredible wealth lying hidden in hot, in-demand niches - in 21 different ways.


When you build a website around a niche - a 'niche minisite' - you'll attract a very specific audience to it. Advertisers and marketers will pay a premium to place their ads in front of this viewership if it is targeted to their needs. Selling ad space - at much higher price than generic run-of-the-mill ad space - is a proven strategy to profit from niches.


Pay-per-Click (or PPC) ads are ones where you,repparttar 116985 niche minisite owner, get paid whenever anyone clicks on them. By placing targeted PPC ads on your niche website, you'll find it easy to get enough clicks from visitors to make a tidy profit. Two new services make it easy for you to get started:

* Google Adsense - http://www.Google.com/adsense/

* SearchFeed - http://www.SearchFeed.com

Idea #3 - SELL BOOKS, CDs & DVDs

The Web is an information-centric medium. People reach your niche minisite in 'research mode'. And by directing them to resources offering more information, you can sell them many different products. Books, CDs, DVDs and videos are just some ofrepparttar 116986 many information products you can sell to visitors - and earn a profit.


If you build a niche minisite around a visually appealing theme, you could offer extra value to your visitors by providing links to places they can buy pictures or posters. Niche marketing attracts passionately enthusiastic prospects who want all they can find on a particular topic. Give it to them - and you've built a very lucrative business!

A great resource to find posters and pictures on a variety of topics is AllPosters.com


You've heard it before - "The Power Is In Your LIST".

Strategies For Finding Topics To Write About

Written by Dan J. Fry

What possibly could I have to write about? I never was good at it anyway. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I just sit and stare and stare at a blank screen.

Sound familiar? Don't worry. We all have gone through this. It happens to me periodically. If you experience this at any point, it is a good signal that you need a change in creative direction. Here are a few tips to help you find topics to write about and get your creative juices flowing.

I personally like to write with pen and paper. For one, I can take it anywhere. Well, o.k. with a laptop you can take it almost where ever you wish as well. But, whenrepparttar battery is gone and there is not a single electrical outlet in sight, I will still be sitting there writing until I get my fill.

You periodically need to change your scenery. This always helps me. If I am at a block, I get up, take pen and paper and head out ofrepparttar 116984 house. I frequent outdoor cafes when I can. The openness and fresh air helps me think. You can also just try a different part of your house.

I try to at least keep a notebook, or sticky notes somewhere within reach at every point inrepparttar 116985 day. Why? Ideas usually come to me when I am not at my desk. One ofrepparttar 116986 best ways I have developed to find new topics is to spend what I call "routine task time" thinking about recent articles I have read. Routine task time isrepparttar 116987 time you spend washing dishes, cleaning, driving home(of course pay attention torepparttar 116988 road here as well!), etc. Make use of this time if you can.

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