20 Sure-Fire Ways To Get People To Link To Your Web Site

Written by Dan Brown

Here's some simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to get people to link to your web site.

1. Offer other web sites free content to post on their web site. Include your link on all of your content. The content should related to your web site because it will be in front of your target audience.

2. When you visit a web site you've enjoyed a lot, write a review forrepparttar site. Write aboutrepparttar 119336 benefits you gain fromrepparttar 119337 web site. Tell them they can publish it on their web site if they link to your web site.

3. Allow other people to publish your e-zine on their web site. Include your web site's ad and link in each issue you publish. This may also help you increaserepparttar 119338 number of people that subscribe to your e-zine.

4. Market your web site as a free web book. Design your web site with a title page, table of contents, chapters, etc. Just allow other people to give awayrepparttar 119339 web book by linking to your web site.

5. Give your visitors an instant article directory. Tell your visitors they can instantly add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. Just place your ad or banner ad on top ofrepparttar 119340 article directory for your main web site.

6. Allow other web sites to use your discussion board for their web site visitors. Just have them link directly torepparttar 119341 discussion board. Include your web sites ad or banner ad atrepparttar 119342 top ofrepparttar 119343 discussion board.

7. Start a members only web site. Tell visitors what's in your members only site and what it costs to gain access. Offer them a free membership if, in exchange, they link to your web site.

8. Offer your visitors a free sign up to your affiliate program. Pay them commission to sell your products or services. Just give them an affiliate link to track their sales. People will link to your web site to make extra money.

9. Create your own award site for other web sites. Giverepparttar 119344 winners a graphic or text link to place on their web site when they win. This will link your web site to theirs and draw more traffic to your web site.

10. Are you an expert on a particular subject? Offer people free consulting via e-mail if, in exchange, they either link to your site. People will consider this a huge value because consulting fees can be very expensive.

What Is Google Poodle & How It Will Help You

Written by Jean Sutherland

This is an extremely useful tool that will help you get an idea of how your site will look in google search engine results. See how search-engine friendly your site is, and canrepparttar spider crawl it easily? This will determine whether or not you will get good rankings.

By using Google Poodle you will avoid making errors that can stop your site from getting a good listing. It will also show whether or not you have a useless description of your site inrepparttar 119335 search engine results.

What Poodle tries to do is duplicaterepparttar 119336 rules used by major search engines as they spider your site. Of course it can't be exact due to different algorithms used by different engines but it does give you some insight into where you need to make some corrections.

With over 80% of people coming to your site through search engines this is something you can not afford to pass up as one of your most useful tools in search engine optimization.

What Poodle attempts to do is to show you 4 different views of how your website is viewed by search engines. The spider view will show results that show what you would see in a search engine if you searched for your site by URL.

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