2005 World Series of Poker -- Complete Report

Written by Tom Howze

Over 29,000 poker players came to Las Vegas from 40 different countries all overrepparttar earth to play inrepparttar 150001 2005 World Series of Poker tournament events. This generated a total net prize pool of over $103,000,000 dollars, more than twicerepparttar 150002 total prize pool amount in 2004. New records were being made and old ones being broken so fastrepparttar 150003 challenge was to keep up with them all. Here is a "complete report" of what went on at this years World Series of Poker. It is complete because it covers tournament events #1 to #45.

Records were being made fromrepparttar 150004 start as 662 casino employees entered Event #1 which wasrepparttar 150005 "Casino Employee No-limit Hold'Em" tournament. The number brokerepparttar 150006 record set last year, which was 279 entrants. Andy Nguyen, a poker dealer from Binionís in Las Vegas, won this event earning a payday of $83,390. Things really picked up as Event #2 "No-Limit Texas Hold'Em" began with an astounding 2,305 players signing up to play. For comparison,repparttar 150007 2004 WSOP Main Event had 2,576 players in it. Allen Cunningham wasrepparttar 150008 recipient of a WSOP gold bracelet and $725,405 for winning this one. Event #3 "Pot-Limit Hold'Em" had Thom Werthmann pocketing $369,535 by overcoming tough play from Layne Flack inrepparttar 150009 heads up match atrepparttar 150010 final table. Another WSOP record was set when 21 year old Eric Froehlich becamerepparttar 150011 youngest person to earn a WSOP championship bracelet by winning Event #4 "Limit Hold'Em" and an additional $361,910 for his efforts. Pat Poels who quit his full time job to become a professional poker player won event #5 "Omaha Hi-Low Split". His paycheck that day was $270,100. Isaac Galazan won Event #6 "No-limit Hold'Em" a shootout tournament by defeating a determined Harry Demetriou and took home $315,125 for becoming champion.

Event #7 "No-Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys" was won by 24 year old poker tournament millionaire Michael Gracz, picking up an additional $594,460 forrepparttar 150012 win. But Michael said he would give up allrepparttar 150013 winnings just to haverepparttar 150014 WSOP bracelet, that's how much it meant to him. Event #8 "Seven Card Stud" had online qualifier Cliff Josephy claimrepparttar 150015 victory and $192,100. Erik Seidel picked up his 6th WSOP bracelet and $611,795 after winningrepparttar 150016 Event #9 "No-Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Reza Payvar who saw a marathon 13 hour heads up match torepparttar 150017 end, won Event #10 "Limit Hold'Em". Reza, who received $303,610 and a WSOP bracelet, stated he dedicatedrepparttar 150018 win to his father who passed away last year. Reza missedrepparttar 150019 2004 WSOP to be with his father who had cancer. Online qualifier Edward Moncada won Event #11 "Pot-Limit Hold'Em" receiving his first WSOP bracelet and $298,070. The winner of Event #12 "Pot Limit Omaha" was Josh Arieh who earned his 2nd gold WSOP bracelet along with a $381,600 payday.

In his 58th major tournament win, T.J. Cloutier picked up his 6th WSOP bracelet by winningrepparttar 150020 Event #13 "No Limit Hold'Em" event and pocketing $657,100 inrepparttar 150021 process. Event #14 "Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split" lasted 36 hours, but in repparttar 150022 end Steve Hohn picked up his bracelet and $156,985. Steve even endured a 4 1/2 hour heads up battle with Mike Wattel atrepparttar 150023 final table to capture this tournament victory! Mark Seif was able to place a desired crown on his poker resume by winning Event #15 "Limit Hold'Em Shootout" and $181,330 in his wallet. The champion forrepparttar 150024 Event #16 "No-Limit Hold'Em Shootout" tournament was Anthony Reategui, proving himselfrepparttar 150025 best of 780 players forrepparttar 150026 title of champion and $269,100. Quinn Do ended up with $265,975 for winning Event #17's "Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Denis Ethier came from behind asrepparttar 150027 final table's short stack to win Event #18 "Seven Card Stud High-Low Split". Denis was rewarded with $160,682 for his effort. And Barry Greenstein becamerepparttar 150028 champion ofrepparttar 150029 Event #19 "Pot Limit Omaha" tournament gaining another $423,405 and a bracelet. Barry in his true humanitarian form dedicated his win to a terminally ill cancer patient named Charlie Tuttle. For Event #20 which was "Pot Limit Hold'Em", Brian Wilson won $370,685 for his efforts atrepparttar 150030 WSOP.

Todd Brunson, son of Doyle Brunson wasrepparttar 150031 winner ofrepparttar 150032 Event #21 "Omaha High-Low Split" tournament. Todd won $255,945 and entered World Series of Poker history, as he and his father becamerepparttar 150033 only father and son to win championship bracelets. And Mark Seif captured his 2nd WSOP bracelet in a week plus $611,145 to boot by winningrepparttar 150034 Event #22 "No-Limit Hold'Em" tournament.

A Revolution in Online Gaming

Written by James Simpson

Apex Web Gaming has been open for over two years and has made amazing progress, but this isrepparttar biggest leap sincerepparttar 149967 start. The site has been 100% recoded and redesigned, and hopefully you will agree that it is definitly forrepparttar 149968 best. Many new features such as new game genres, great new forums, game reviews, many community features, and much more have been added.

This isrepparttar 149969 first of many advances to make Apex Web Gamingrepparttar 149970 best source onrepparttar 149971 web forrepparttar 149972 growing world of web

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