2005 VOLVO S40: Can Now Be Accentuated with Volvo Performance Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The most noteworthy element with this next-generation S40 isrepparttar sculpted shoulder line that starts atrepparttar 145463 front ofrepparttar 145464 car betweenrepparttar 145465 headlights and grille and is carried acrossrepparttar 145466 beltline allrepparttar 145467 way back torepparttar 145468 taillights. The new Volvo will be available with two new gasoline engines,repparttar 145469 2.4-liter five-cylinder with 168 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque, and asrepparttar 145470 T5 withrepparttar 145471 2.5-liter low-pressure turbo with 218 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.

The S40 T5's engine isrepparttar 145472 familiar 2.5-liter twin-cam, low-pressure turbocharged, intercooled in-line five-cylinder found in most other Volvo lines. Its 218 horsepower (at 5000 rpm) and 236 lb-ft of torque (between 1500 and 4800 rpm) have almost 750 lbs less car to move thanrepparttar 145473 similar engine in an S60 2.5T AWD.

The S40 is offered in two different five-cylinder engines,repparttar 145474 168-hp 2.4L gas engine andrepparttar 145475 218-hp 2.5L turbo gas engine, badged 2.4i and T5 respectively. The T5 is available in 2WD or AWD mated to a five -speed Geartronic automatic transmission or a six-speed manual. Standard features include cruise control, alloy wheels, daytime running lights, and an AM/FM stereo with CD player. The T5 trim upgrades by adding a trip computer, front fog lights, automatic climate control, a power driver's seat, and interior wood trim. The optional Climate Package, available on both trims, equipsrepparttar 145476 S40 with heated front seats, rain-sensing wipers, and headlight washers.

2006 Honda Civic Si: Automotive Innovation at its Best, Complemented with Honda Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

Designed as an "Advanced Personal Compact,"repparttar next-generation Si will incorporate flowing bodywork, a steeply angled windshield, and wide stance to suggest stability and forward motion. The new Si will berepparttar 145462 fastest and most powerful Civic offered in its twenty-year history. The 2006 Civic lineup, launching this fall, will include a 4-door Sedan, a 2-door Coupe and Si Coupe, an even more fuel efficient Civic Hybrid and a natural-gas powered Civic GX.

The Civic Si Concept builds on its performance heritage with a 200-horsepower, 16-valve, and DOHC i-VTEC engine with an 8,000-rpm red line, mated to a close ratio 6-speed manual transmission. Helping to put all that power torepparttar 145463 ground is a helical-type limited slip differential for improved launch traction and cornering performance. A 200-horsepower 16-valve i-VTEC engine powersrepparttar 145464 2006 Si. Honda sources indicate that next-generation i-VTEC technology will have significant gains in performance and fuel economy. A six-speed transmission will give drivers manual control of shift points up torepparttar 145465 engine's redline of 8000 rpm, and a helical-type limited-slip differential will enhance traction and cornering ability. The Si Concept includes performance features such as 18-inch cast aluminum wheels with 225/40R high performance tires, and 4-wheel disc brakes with large cross-drilled brake rotors. "The 2006 Civic Si Coupe will berepparttar 145466 most powerful, fastest and fun-to-drive Si we've ever put onrepparttar 145467 street, andrepparttar 145468 Civic Si Concept setsrepparttar 145469 direction in terms of its styling, package and performance," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda. "It's part of a new family of Civic vehicles that build onrepparttar 145470 already class-leading values ofrepparttar 145471 Civic in terms of safety, styling, performance and fuel efficiency."

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