2005 Honda Accord Coupe: The Weekly Driver Review

Written by James Raia

Just insiderepparttar guard gate,repparttar 102722 world renowned 17-Mile Drive in Carmel, Calif., begins with a primarily downhill and often winding two-lane road to Pebble Beach Golf Links. The tree-lined route features lavish, oceanfront homes and a predominately forest-like setting along California's central coast.

It's a perfect several-mile locale for drivers who like to shift through gears. And it's not-so-surprisingly pleasant while doing so inrepparttar 102723 2005 Honda Accord.

With its V6, six-speed manual transmission offering,repparttar 102724 exceedingly popular model crosses categories. The Accord is listed as a midsize vehicle and it's often compared torepparttar 102725 Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

Butrepparttar 102726 24-valve, 3.0-liter, 240-horsepower coupe is just as much sports car as it is anything else. And it provides one more reason whyrepparttar 102727 Accord – in its more than 25 varieties – is amongrepparttar 102728 most popular and most often best-buy categorized vehicles onrepparttar 102729 road.

During my weeklong test drive, I droverepparttar 102730 Accord Coupe round-trip from Sacramento torepparttar 102731 Monterey Peninsula. The interstate portion ofrepparttar 102732 journey included about 400 miles. I droverepparttar 102733 aforementioned section ofrepparttar 102734 17-Mile Drive six times round-trip on clear, blue sky days and in heavy rain. It made little difference.

In all driving conditions,repparttar 102735 Accord Coupe performed with confidence. Steering and handling is responsive and poised. Lane changes are smooth. While not as quick as other vehicles categorized as sports cars,repparttar 102736 Accord Coupe accelerates well and finds its ways through gears more than adequately. Its 17-inch wheels further add torepparttar 102737 tight road feel. The Accord's ride is also adequately quiet.

Like all Hondas,repparttar 102738 Accord Coupe's interior is designed in a straightforward manner. Gauges and all instrumentation are clean and used simply. The navigation system is likewise efficient and easy to learn.

The Popularity of the NHRA

Written by Richard A. Brink

    It isrepparttar Christmas holiday weekend,repparttar 102721 family is sitting aroundrepparttar 102722 livingroom discussing how much of a very fine meal we've eaten, whenrepparttar 102723 conversation shifts: "You on forrepparttar 102724 drag races this summer?" I asked my brother. "Oh yeah," he answers back. As we reminisce aboutrepparttar 102725 past years NHRA Nationals and discuss plans and dates for this years race, we wonder whyrepparttar 102726 NHRA does not have a bigger following. If you like fast cars, and you have not been to a NHRA Nationals event, you have no idea what your missing. That, we decided, is exactlyrepparttar 102727 problem. You have got to see it live to understand why it hasrepparttar 102728 following it does. Television is at fault, after-all this sport has many timesrepparttar 102729 horsepower of NASCAR,repparttar 102730 pitts are open to anyone with a ticket, andrepparttar 102731 drivers come out ofrepparttar 102732 haulers just to sign autographs on a regular basis. They even give you a free, glossy team photo to getrepparttar 102733 autograph signed on. The problem is none of that comes across on TV. When you watch NASCAR they televise repparttar 102734 pre-race activities,repparttar 102735 on-track activities, andrepparttar 102736 post-race activities. They even have a segment called CRANK IT UP, in whichrepparttar 102737 anouncers dont say a word for a few laps so you can litterally blow your speakers apart with your surround sound. This helps give yourepparttar 102738 feeling you are atrepparttar 102739 track. You could be watching your first NASCAR event and byrepparttar 102740 end ofrepparttar 102741 race come away withrepparttar 102742 feeling you understand it, and more importatly you will feel like you knowrepparttar 102743 drivers. I dont want to take anything away from NASCAR; it is a great motorsport and they have done a fine job of marketing to get to this point. But (and it is a big but) there is no feeling inrepparttar 102744 world like two top fuel dragsters coming offrepparttar 102745 line simultaneously; it will shake your soul. Trying to explain this feeling to someone who has never experienced it is futile. Nor can you explainrepparttar 102746 smells ofrepparttar 102747 track,repparttar 102748 smoking tires,repparttar 102749 rubber dust inrepparttar 102750 air, orrepparttar 102751 way your eyes burn fromrepparttar 102752 half-burnt alcohol sprayed from repparttar 102753 firey pipes. The sound...absolutely deafening.

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