2005 Ford Five Hundred Complemented with Top Notch Parts for Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The Five Hundred will become Ford's flagship sedan. It has higher seating, increased interior space, and optional all-wheel drive. The Five Hundred has considerably more interior space thanrepparttar full-size Crown Victoria, even though it's only 25 centimeters shorter

"Whilerepparttar 143432 industry tries to make car-based crossovers,repparttar 143433 Ford Five Hundred stands alone asrepparttar 143434 first crossover-based car" said Ford vice president Phil Martens.

It's a 4-door sedan with SUV and crossover advantages, including cargo capability, versatility, "command" seating and available all-wheel drive.

The Five Hundred's 3.0-litre Duratec V6 engine makes 200 horsepower while two transmissions will be offered: a six-speed automatic and a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The front seat H (hip) point is four inches higher than that in a typical midsize sedan, andrepparttar 143435 rear seats are higher still. Legroom is best-in-class front and rear, whilerepparttar 143436 trunk is biggest in class. An appealing truck/SUV attribute ofrepparttar 143437 Ford 500 is high seating that helps drivers see over-or at least eye-to-eye with-other vehicles for a feeling of security.

Standard features include 17-inch wheels (upgraded to 18-in. on SEL and Limited), entry keypad and one-touch "up" front power windows. Options include AWD, leather seating with power adjustments (including power recliner forrepparttar 143438 driver), fold-flat front passenger seat, reverse parking assist and a moon roof, but not yet a navigation system.

The Five Hundred is a front-wheel-drive car with available all-wheel drive. It uses an electronically controlled, electro-hydraulic Haldex limited-slip viscous coupling just ahead ofrepparttar 143439 rear differential to transfer torque torepparttar 143440 rear wheels wheneverrepparttar 143441 fronts begin to slip. Electronic controls gather information fromrepparttar 143442 anti-lock brakes and other sensors to enable it to react within 50 milliseconds, much faster than competitive viscous devices.

Dodge Design Statement Shatters Conventions While Parts Train's High Quality Dodge Parts are Bestsellers

Written by Jenny McLane

Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Design, Chrysler Group, is quoted as saying; “With its bold styling and clever packaging, Caliber is pure Dodge.” Distinctive Dodge Caliber concept was unveiled atrepparttar 75th annual Geneva International Motor Show. A five-door vehicle combines a sporty coupe-like profile withrepparttar 143431 strength, stance and functionality of an SUV.

Dodge makes much of its classic Dodge aesthetic from 'crosshair' grille to chrome tail pipes. It has for buyers who wantrepparttar 143432 ride of a small car andrepparttar 143433 versatility and storage of a wagon.

“With its bold styling and clever packaging, Caliber is pure Dodge,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Design, Chrysler Group. “This concept is a new slant on one ofrepparttar 143434 world’s most competitive segments. The Dodge Caliber concept brings emotion torepparttar 143435 C-segment.

The form ofrepparttar 143436 concept follows current Dodge design language, withrepparttar 143437 signature crosshair grille and pumped-up wheel arches. Overall stance is athletic and almost coupe-like, with effective use of what Dodge calls "black graphic appliqué" runningrepparttar 143438 length ofrepparttar 143439 sloped roofline and tailing off to a rear-hatch spoiler.

The new Dodge Caliber Concept is a five-door vehicle that combines a sporty coupe-like profile withrepparttar 143440 strength, stance and functionality. The sheer surface styling commands attention and evokesrepparttar 143441 Dodge brand attributes. The Dodge Caliber concept will be revealed torepparttar 143442 public atrepparttar 143443 75th Salon de l’Automobile in Geneva,

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