2005 Ford Escape Hybrid Certified For Clean-Fuel Deduction

Written by Richard A. Chapo

If you are environmentally conscious and purchase a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid vehicle that combines a gasoline-powered engine with alternative power methods, you are in line for a nice tax deduction.

Ostensibly,repparttar government uses clean power tax deductions as a method to promoterepparttar 141394 use of vehicles that are less harmful torepparttar 141395 environment. The clean-fuel tax deduction is based onrepparttar 141396 incremental cost of using a vehicle model that combines traditional gasoline-powered engines with electric motors. The deduction is only available ifrepparttar 141397 manufacturer has submitted vehicle specifications thatrepparttar 141398 IRS has agreed to qualifyrepparttar 141399 vehicle as a "Clean-Fuel Vehicle". Once this has occurred,repparttar 141400 IRS then certifiesrepparttar 141401 vehicle as one that qualifies an owner for a tax deduction.

On December 13, 2004,repparttar 141402 IRS certifiedrepparttar 141403 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid as a "Clean-Fuel Vehicle" forrepparttar 141404 first time. If you purchasedrepparttar 141405 Ford Escape in 2004 or 2005, you may claim a tax deduction of $2,000. You must comply with two requirements before claimingrepparttar 141406 deduction. Under current law, you must:

What is the Mercedes design philosophy?

Written by Mercedes-Benz Fan

To begin, every Mercedes must be easily identified as part of a cohesive family. To this end,repparttar most obvious trademark isrepparttar 141083 three-pointed star. This star symbolizesrepparttar 141084 aggressive and forward-thinking approach ofrepparttar 141085 original Mercedes designers. As a whole,repparttar 141086 star representsrepparttar 141087 concept of a motorized universe, withrepparttar 141088 points standing for "on air, on water, and inrepparttar 141089 air." In addition,repparttar 141090 Mercedes design philosophy can be summed up in three points. Mercedes Design Philosophy: 1. A Mercedes must be a recognizable member of a united family 2. A Mercedes should reflectrepparttar 141091 overall values ofrepparttar 141092 company while delivering top quality performance 3. The design should be a combination of tradition and innovation This progressive mindset was instrumental in developingrepparttar 141093 classic car brand. Looking back torepparttar 141094 late 1970ís and early 1980ís, Mercedes embarked on a bold new design that relied on aerodynamic principles and a modern streamlined design. What resulted wasrepparttar 141095 S-Class and C 111-3. While these models were considered groundbreaking atrepparttar 141096 time, neither series sacrificed style for class.

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