2003 Guide To Becoming A Successful Reseller

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

Simply put, reselling is a way to make money, both inrepparttar case ofrepparttar 131804 provider supplyingrepparttar 131805 original service, andrepparttar 131806 independent operator doingrepparttar 131807 reselling. It is a relationship between a service provider, and a special kind of customer.

In a reselling relationship,repparttar 131808 reseller is not an employee ofrepparttar 131809 service provider, but instead acts as an extension ofrepparttar 131810 larger company's marketing, sales and support operations. The reseller marketsrepparttar 131811 product independently, and signs up customers torepparttar 131812 original provider's service, often providingrepparttar 131813 simple side ofrepparttar 131814 service, like offering basic tech support and administration ofrepparttar 131815 account.

Onrepparttar 131816 service provider's side ofrepparttar 131817 deal, a reselling program allows a business to expand its customer base without overextending its marketing and sales operations. Fromrepparttar 131818 reseller's side, a reselling program allows a small, independent operator to profit from a small piece ofrepparttar 131819 Internet services market without requiring a lot of technical knowledge, or a big investment in infrastructure.


The first step in a successful reselling venture is defining what type of product/service you want to resell. A big mistake most new resellers make is cramming lots of different products and services into a website.

Start small, start with 2-3 related products that you can resell and support with ease, then expand into a broader range of products and services as your client base grows. If you have experience in a field, choose a product that flatters your knowledge, create a niche market, and then expand.


An excellent higher-tier Web host truly values its relationships with resellers. Through such relationships, a company enhancesrepparttar 131820 market reach of its product and services offerings throughrepparttar 131821 reseller's specific market segments.

A higher-tier company will thus offer a myriad of specifically tailored services to enhancerepparttar 131822 reseller's service offering. By providing a wide range of options, a reseller's business can scale along with its customer base.

The options, or resale models most usually made available to resellers include "volume discount" reselling, discount per domain, affiliate and private label reselling.


The volume discount approach provides increased revenue per domain asrepparttar 131823 reseller increasesrepparttar 131824 number of accounts within their hosting portfolio. This model is extremely cost-effective for larger resellers, sincerepparttar 131825 cost per account declines asrepparttar 131826 volume of accounts increases.

The major disadvantages of this model however are that resellers are usually directly identified as resellers, sincerepparttar 131827 infrastructure and brand identity throughoutrepparttar 131828 entire Web hosting service is usually identified withrepparttar 131829 higher-tier hosting provider.

The model also is not very advantageous to newer and smaller reseller operations which have just started-up, since reselling under this model is much more expensive ifrepparttar 131830 reseller's customer base is small.


The more advantageous reselling model forrepparttar 131831 start-up reseller operation is thereforerepparttar 131832 discount per domain model. Under this approach, higher-tier Web hosting firms offer discounts torepparttar 131833 reseller per account purchase.

Website Hosting 101 - Learning The Basics

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

As a beginner trying to findrepparttar right web host for your website is often daunting. The jargon used by most web hosts often goes way over your head. Inrepparttar 131803 Hosting 101 section, BrandBlast has 6 lessons forrepparttar 131804 beginner who wishes to learnrepparttar 131805 basics of finding a web host.

Lesson One: What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting isrepparttar 131806 essentiallyrepparttar 131807 placement of your website ontorepparttar 131808 Internet through a server. Once your site is on a server, anyone with Internet access can look at your website - from anywhere inrepparttar 131809 world, 24 hours a day. In order to have your site hosted onrepparttar 131810 web, you need to haverepparttar 131811 following three things:

A Website - a page or set of pages that is located underrepparttar 131812 same domain name. brandblast.com is a website (but you knew that already!) A web page is a computer document written in a publishing language called HTML. When an Internet user types in your web address, your web server sendsrepparttar 131813 content of your web page to that user.

A Domain Name - a unique text-based address used to locate a specific set of web pages. A domain name is made up of words and/or numbers plus a TLD (top level domain). The TLD for most businesses is ".com", such as http://www.brandblast.com/; non-profit organizations use ".org"; universities and educational sites use ".edu"; and sites involved withrepparttar 131814 U.S. government use ".gov". More TLDs are available, such as .biz, .pro, .name, .info, etc.

An Account With A Web Hosting Company, or a server of your own to host your website. A server is a computer that stores information that can be accessed throughrepparttar 131815 network. Servers can also be used to store website information that can be accessed by any computer with a connection torepparttar 131816 Internet - and a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator,repparttar 131817 two most popular web browsers.

Web hosting is, in many ways, similar to renting property. There are plenty of companies that will rent you space on their web servers. The wide range of services start from free hosting on up to buying a server for your own personal use. It's possible to spend thousands of dollars a year on web hosting alone, thoughrepparttar 131818 average person or small business typically pays $10 - $50 a month, depending on how many features, web space, and data transfer they need.

Lesson Two: Do I Need a Web Host?

If you are planning to establish an internet presence, whether it be inrepparttar 131819 form of a personal homepage or a full-service e-commerce catalogue, and do not own your own personal server, you will definitely need a web host.

Finding a good web host, however, can be a rather difficult endeavor. BrandBlast’s website hosting services are a great place to start your search, our hosting plans are designed to acccomodate any website requirement and can be upgraded at any time, our plans grow with you.

Choosing a host for your website should not be taken lightly. Once committed, it becomes a real headache to move elsewhere - not to mentionrepparttar 131820 damage that can be done to your business if you makerepparttar 131821 wrong choice.

This makes it very important to "get it rightrepparttar 131822 first time." Find out as much as you can about your prospective host before making any decisions, and have a clear idea ofrepparttar 131823 scope of your site, andrepparttar 131824 functions you wish to have prior to searching for your host.

Doingrepparttar 131825 proper planning will help you a great deal in your selection of a host, and will save yourepparttar 131826 headache of trying to change hosts later.

Lesson Three: What type of web hosting package is suitable for me - free or shared?

FREE - Free is for fun. If you want to experiment with a site or put up a small, personal site forrepparttar 131827 fun of it.

If you fall into this category, you probably need just a small amount of web space and little bandwidth: 1 to 2 MB should be plenty for your needs; and a personal, unique domain name may not even be necessary. In fact, you can get web space FREE. A popular provider of free space is Geocities (http://www.geocities.com/). However, because it's free, you may find out later that there are many limitations - it all depends how far you want to go...

SHARED - Go "shared" if you are serious about doing some business or have a professional website that is much better off "standing on its own." Or if you simply prefer your own domain name and space.

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