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Written by Peter Shacolas

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Aziz, Operations Director for Yakety Yak says, "No doubt prices from other suppliers will begin to fall dramatically as yaketyyak.net setsrepparttar pace for them to follow. For us to come in so low with our pricing means that we aim to be number 1 inrepparttar 127202 UK for mobile phone insurance. We expect to come up against strong competition, but having refined not just our prices, but also our customer service through intense training and support"


Peter has been an online marketing specialist in the UK, for over 4 years. PR & Press management and Search Engine marketing are currently his specialist fields.

Selling from your Heart

Written by Flo Schell, EdM, Certified Sales Coach

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Step 5

Imagine Yourself Conversing with Exactlyrepparttar Type of Client you Seek. If you could talk with your Favorite Prospective Client, what would you like to find out about them? What would you like to share? How would you introduce yourself? What questions could you ask to put them at ease?

Step 6

Be a Conversation Starter. Remember, people love to talk about themselves. Ask an "open-ended" question. Listen torepparttar 127201 response. Listen some more. Come from curiosity. What does this person have to teach you? How might you two connect? What arerepparttar 127202 commonalities of experience? Is this someone you can help?

Step 7

Move it Forward. Are you eager to sharerepparttar 127203 "good news" about what you do with others? Are you excited about what you do? Are you comfortable in your own skin...even if it's new? Just be yourself. Share what turns you on. Tell a fun story. Moverepparttar 127204 relationship forward.

Step 8

Watch forrepparttar 127205 "Magic Click". Are you feeling onrepparttar 127206 same wave length with this person? Does it just feel good to talk with them? Do you want to know more? Isrepparttar 127207 conversation "flowing"? Enjoyrepparttar 127208 connection!

Step 9

Enjoyrepparttar 127209 New Relationship for What It Is Right Now. Be sure to be clear about what you do and why you love it. Invite your new acquaintances to "try you on"...through a sample or complimentary session. Nurture this new connection. Be there when they're ready to learn more.

Step 10

Be Ready for Them When They're Ready for You. Whenrepparttar 127210 time is right for them, be easy to find. Congratulate your new Client onrepparttar 127211 choice they've made to better their life. Build on this wonderful, new relationship. Strengthen it with intimacy, caring, and skill.

So this,my friends, is "Selling from your Heart". How much fun is this! You have opportunity after opportunity to connect with people, form new relationships, share your talents and skills and products, and help people to get what they need...exactly what you signed on for.

And don't forget to keeprepparttar 127212 conversation going for a long, long time. Ask your new Clients to give you feedback on howrepparttar 127213 process or service or product feels to them. When they're delighted byrepparttar 127214 results, ask them to spreadrepparttar 127215 good word through a Testimonial or other venue. If they forget, ask them again. Create a graceful ending when it is time for them to leave you. Keep in touch.

Are you ready to make "Selling from your Heart" a goal inrepparttar 127216 new year? I hope so. Your reward will be a Client Base that is suited to exactly who you are who will help you to market your products and services for a long, long time to come.

Happy selling!

Flo Schell, EdM, CSC is a Personal and Business Coach who specializes in helping Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Helping Professionals find their unique "selling voice". Author of "Selling from your Heart", Flo has been featured in Success magazine and The Wall Street Journal for her "relationship approach" to selling. To learn more, please contact Flo at: 732-528-4385 or through her website at www.FloSchell.com.

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