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Top Ten Myths of Aircraft Ownership

Written by Pat Redmond

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7. Those "whiz bang" avionics onrepparttar new planes create inferior pilots!

Onrepparttar 116302 contrary! Today's new equipment is all designed with increased safety asrepparttar 116303 prime motivator! Weather systems, traffic, navigational systems all providerepparttar 116304 pilot with additional tools and resources inrepparttar 116305 cockpit where they're needed! After all, what good are they onrepparttar 116306 ground? Of course,repparttar 116307 pilots need additional training to learnrepparttar 116308 equipment. . . Inferior pilot???? http://www.airplanenoise.com/articles/Addressing%20Safety%20with%20New%20Avionics.doc

8. Finding a partner will make my aircraft purchase easier.

Well, perhaps financially. But isrepparttar 116309 money you save worth losing availability, as well as a friend/partner? There are several areas for conflict from fair distribution of finances to cleanliness ofrepparttar 116310 airplane. Before I throw a wet towel overrepparttar 116311 idea let me also admit that many partnerships are very successful. Just remember. . . your choice of partner should be taken very seriously. In fact some say that choosing your partner is similar to choosing a spouse! http://www.aopa.org/members/files/guides/multiple.html

9. Leasebacks are all 1-sided. (In favor ofrepparttar 116312 flight school)

Just like choosing a partner, choosingrepparttar 116313 right flight school to partner with is critical torepparttar 116314 success of your leaseback. If you've done your due diligence, you'll findrepparttar 116315 leaseback arrangement to be a "win-win-win" situation: The school wins because they keep their cash for growing their business

The owner wins with revenue generated and terrific tax incentives.

The flight students win because they now have one more airplane at their disposal.

Once again. . . proper planning!

Learnrepparttar 116316 pros and cons of leasebacks:


10. I just can't justify a new plane!

Sure you can! If you need help, visit http://www.airplanenoise.com op_ten.htm

Pat Redmond, helps business owners who are tired of long lines and baggage claims, fly their way to freedom! Enjoy dinner with your family tonight! To learn more about the General Aviation Business, sign up for FREE aircraft purchase tips and tools, visit her site at http://www.airplanenoise.com

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