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Why Aren't You Using Audio?

Written by Ronni Rhodes

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Business-to-Business sites and corporate Intranets can also harnessrepparttar power of audio. The need to provide up-to-the-minute information for employees and customers can be well served with streaming audio andrepparttar 124138 telephone. Integrating audio intorepparttar 124139 corporate communications mix is a tool that is easy to use and addressesrepparttar 124140 need to communicate with a distributed work force.

In bothrepparttar 124141 retail and business-to-business marketplace, audio can and should be used to maintain those all important customer relationships. Voice messages add a personal touch that intriguesrepparttar 124142 listener and encourages them to remain onrepparttar 124143 site.

Employee training is greatly enhanced with audio. Use it to orient new employees and keeprepparttar 124144 information archived onrepparttar 124145 site for easy reference. Sales training can also be archived and quickly retrieved when needed. The ability to offer customized audio training materials on a 24/7 basis makes streaming audio a very versatile and efficient learning tool.

Some words of caution are also necessary. Audio, just like any other value-added technology, has to be used judiciously. It should be employed for a specific purpose and to enhancerepparttar 124146 text based message being delivered. Think of your audience and how you’d like them to interact with your website. Keep in mind that your visitor may be coming to your site while they’re at their place of business and plan accordingly.

The future of streaming audio is bright and filled with promise. More and more Internet users have become familiar with streaming audio and use it everyday. Internet radio broadcasts are extremely popular and are now being employed as effective advertising vehicles. Audio e-mail messaging is becoming widely available and is being positioned as a practical business tool. Consumers are attaching audio messages to greeting cards and experimenting with Internet telephony. Streaming audio will allowrepparttar 124147 average Internet userrepparttar 124148 ability to create content that conveysrepparttar 124149 power of voice andrepparttar 124150 emotions that it conveys.

So…why aren’t you using audio?

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet company that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a digital media engineer, they work with companies to incorporate streaming as part of successful and meaningful sales and marketing programs.

Please direct all questions and comments to: Ronni@wbcimaging.com 520-742-5780 http://www.wbcimaging.com

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