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From Niche Marketing to Fragmentation

Written by Stephen Pierce

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Take a look at your market? Are you targeting a niche right now? If not, what arerepparttar possible niches withinrepparttar 148083 broader market you are targeting? If you are targeting a niche, what arerepparttar 148084 possible fragments of that niche?

For example, many would consider Gardening to be a niche. Inside this niche you have "kinds of gardens", likerepparttar 148085 popular Japanese Garden.

However, when fragmentingrepparttar 148086 Japanese Garden down on a micro level, you have "tea gardens", "rock gardens" and even "water gardens" which all represent "kinds of" Japanese Gardens.

A quick look at these different kinds of Japanese Gardens will reveal that, while they do have needs that are similar, they have many needs that differ.

What other kinds of Gardens are there? How about "Organic Gardens"? How about a "Vegetable Garden"? What about Plants? How many different kinds of plants are there that people grow in their gardens? How could these possibly be fragmented? Perhaps "Roses" and "Tulips" could represent fragments.

How about "Indoor Garden", "Outdoor Garden" or "Garden Furniture" as some other quick examples for possible fragments?

Make sure you discoverrepparttar 148087 power of going beyondrepparttar 148088 niche market and into fragmenting those niches into even smaller, more specific and specialized pieces to sure up even greater profits from stronger micro positioning.

Look to dominate fragments which can lead to dominance inrepparttar 148089 niche. Sure, you will end up with fewer clients and customers on a fragmented level. However, these will be better clients and customers... and when it comes to fragmented marketing less is more when then are loyal.

Stephen Pierce provides strategies that make growing profits in your business a fast reality. Learn how to get Marketing Momentum for real business success. To receive your free online video coaching visit: http://www.stephenlive.com

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