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Spend More Time Selling

Written by Jay Conners

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More than likely between 1pm and 3pm you will be getting peoples answering machines, no problem, this is exactly what you want. Your goal should be to leave twenty to twenty-five messages during this time. On average, two of these prospects will return your call. Think of it this way, itís no different from a mailer or a door hanger, except itís better because it is personalized with your voice!

Still reading? Good, hereís another hint

Make an attempt to spend at least one hour per day to learn something new about sales. Trust me, no matter how much you already know, there is still an ocean of sales knowledge you still donít know. For starters, you can subscribe to a Sales magazine (expense it if you can) and read it regularly, take it with you when you go to lunch, or if you take a coffee break. Better yet, make it as much a part of your work day as checking your e-mails, make itrepparttar first thing you do when you come in, from 9am to 10:00 a.m. read aboutrepparttar 147940 sales industry, itís a great, and positive way to start your day.

Ifrepparttar 147941 magazine doesnít suit your needs, find a book on sales, thereís only a million of them, many are onrepparttar 147942 New York Times best sellerís list, that alone should tell you something. Commit yourself to reading fifteen to twenty pages per day!

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These two simple steps alone will add three hours of selling to your work day, and undoubtedly add to increased production. With just a small amount of discipline and commitment on your part, youíll be back to doing what you do best and loving every minute of it. Besides, this isrepparttar 147943 reason your in sales, to sell! Donít ever lose sight of that! In addition, your amount of applications per week will increase, which will ultimately lead to more closed loans. Best of all, you will be having fun and your day will fly.

Jay Conners is the owner of J. Conners, Mortgage leads reviews He is also the owner of Http://www.callprospect.com a mortgage lead company.

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