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Written by Stephen Hill

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Once they have produced what hopefully is an outstanding website you then need to ask them if they would include a link to your homepage from their own website, preferably their homepage. Search engines these days take these backward links into consideration when they decide where to position your site in their results. As a general rule of thumbrepparttar more backward links you haverepparttar 148386 more visitors to your site you atre likely to have.

If you want to promoterepparttar 148387 website even further, google adwords is a favourite of mine. This is where you pay to be seen onrepparttar 148388 right hand side ofrepparttar 148389 results in Google, inrepparttar 148390 sponsored search section.

Stephen Hill is a web designer from Birmingham. He has a website at http://www.internet-webdesign.co.uk.

Stephen Hill builds websites and an example of his work is at http:www.lasik-laser-surgery.co.uk.

How to Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

Written by Paras Shah

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3. Content

Many search engines look atrepparttar main body ofrepparttar 148224 page and identify keywords and phrases that are used withinrepparttar 148225 text.


Use competitive keywords relevant torepparttar 148226 purpose ofrepparttar 148227 page withinrepparttar 148228 main body ofrepparttar 148229 page.

Always try and ensure thatrepparttar 148230 keywords are prominent withinrepparttar 148231 text body, i.e. they appear nearrepparttar 148232 beginning ofrepparttar 148233 page, they are defined usingrepparttar 148234 ‘heading’ tag, they are typeface in bold, or they are used as hyperlinks.

4. Page Title

This is arguably one ofrepparttar 148235 most important areas of a page and needs special attention to ensure that a good title is selected.

Similar to many other areas of designing a search engine friendly page,repparttar 148236 Page Title should also have a good keyword which describesrepparttar 148237 page content.

To keep withinrepparttar 148238 limits of many search enginesrepparttar 148239 number of words forrepparttar 148240 Title shouldn’t exceed nine.

5. Page Description

Another important area to work on for good ranking isrepparttar 148241 Page Description.

This isrepparttar 148242 text found underrepparttar 148243 META Description tag and is displayed to users inrepparttar 148244 search results. Again, it is a good idea to pay attention torepparttar 148245 use of good keywords when writingrepparttar 148246 description, which should be short (not more than 20-25 words) and sells your page beforerepparttar 148247 user, has even opened it!

6. Graphics

We have coveredrepparttar 148248 use of graphics briefly above, emphasizingrepparttar 148249 importance of using an Alt tag containingrepparttar 148250 relevant keyword(s).

Althoughrepparttar 148251 use of images can be nice and very appealing to a website, it is also important to bear in mind that they shouldn’t overpowerrepparttar 148252 textual content of your page. As a general rule of thumb it is best to stick to a 70/30 ratio (70 text/30 images).

7. Site Map

A Site Map is a fantastic way for search engines to find all your juicy pages on your website. There are many free Site Map tools available onrepparttar 148253 web that’ll create your site map instantly. Google recently come up with collaborative crawling system called Google Sitemaps (BETA) - https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/about.html , that enables you to communicate directly with Google to keep us informed of all your web pages, and when you make changes to these pages.

8. Navigation Links

Navigation links to other pages on your website should be nice and easy. There are some engines which find it difficult to navigate through torepparttar 148254 other pages on your website ifrepparttar 148255 navigation bar is too complicated, e.g. complicated pop-ups, use of flash, etc. Therefore if your site does have complicated navigation then it’s always a good idea to implement simple text based hyperlinks to your common pages atrepparttar 148256 bottom of every page on your website.

Followrepparttar 148257 basic suggestions mentioned above will help layrepparttar 148258 foundation to apply further good search engine optimization advice which will makerepparttar 148259 difference in your overall search engine ranking.

This finer area of SEO is beyondrepparttar 148260 realm of this document and will require further investment based on individual needs.

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