"to think is to differ"

Written by Iheme Godwin & Val k

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I am creative. And being creative means to bring into existence, that which does not exist. Many have thought and brought into existence. Like Wright brothers. Like Picasso. Like Tim Berners Lee. And if you should look towardsrepparttar supernatural, like God.

I am born to think. I am born to be different. I am human and it is my prerogative.

PS: I want to give credit torepparttar 105756 co-author of this particular article. He is, Val K. Special thenks to him for his contributions.

Val K, formarly known as Valentine Okolo, is a poet,novelist and a system engineer. He is currently working on his collection of peoms to be published soon. He can be reached on okolowrites@yahoo.com

Iheme Godwin, is a young Chartered Administrator. He is a seasoned Proofreader.He is into Events Marketing and Managemet. A freelance Advertiser and Marketer. He is due to publish two books, among which are THE ART OF ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET and THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFULLY PASSING ANY EXAMINATION. You can reach him at goddy1817@yahoo.com


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