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Written by daniel nzenwata

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The zeal to give sacrificially, to want to give up something important to us for others to benefit from gives power to our thoughts, and momentum to deeds. This helps to transmute into an enduring asset of priceless value of attainment of any purpose for us. When we give sacrificially we are sowingrepparttar seed of an equivalent reward because with timerepparttar 105516 seed will germinate into a full blown flower of opportunity. Giving up something valuable or important to us provides benefit far beyondrepparttar 105517 mere accumulation of material riches. This act is like a fertile, almost unlimited, field forrepparttar 105518 cultivation of upliftment and attainment. It isrepparttar 105519 sowing and reaping business. One that opensrepparttar 105520 door to success inrepparttar 105521 higher bracket of individual achievement.

We all haverepparttar 105522 privilege of giving sacrificially as a means of accumulating a reserve credit of goodwill and to provide for ourselves a just reason for demanding for more favors from God. No one should be compelled to give sacrifially; it must be a habit adopted on one’s initiative. It is an art of self expression that opens a door. We can find happiness by helping others find it.

It is true that most of us are limited byrepparttar 105523 space allotted to us. Howeverrepparttar 105524 little we can give sacrificially can speak volumes of our benevolence. Most of us have been blessed because we choose to give sacrificially. Most of us acquired our riches throughrepparttar 105525 act of receiving,repparttar 105526 opportunity to give up something that is important or valuable to us to help others should be embraced; it should be one of our greatest satisfactions in life.

Can we be completely happy if we fail to give sacrificially, knowing that there is someone who really needs that help? Sometimes when we fail to offer certain assistance, we fail to freerepparttar 105527 mind from certain inhibitions and self imposed limitations which may directly or indirectly bring aboutrepparttar 105528 upliftment of today’s desires and tomorrows aims.

The greatest benefit from giving sacrificially does not come to those to whomrepparttar 105529 help is rendered. It comes torepparttar 105530 one who has maderepparttar 105531 sacrifice; his deeds come back to him greatly multiplied. ‘THAT WHICH I GIVE AWAY CAN I RETAIN AS MY OWN”

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Five Steps to Meeting New People

Written by Sadie Peterson

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4.Ask Questions – You’re new in town, take advantage of it! Ask people whererepparttar best sports bar is, which museum to visit first, or where to findrepparttar 105515 perfect margarita, and you’ll getrepparttar 105516 ball rolling to meeting a new friend.

5.Compliment, compliment, compliment – You should never do this if it’s not sincere, but a compliment is always a great conversation starter. And, it startsrepparttar 105517 conversation on a positive note, so people are already responding favorably to you. Tellrepparttar 105518 waitress her shoes are great, compliment your neighbor’s car, let a clerk know she’s doing a great job.

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